eWeek: ‘25 Killer Apps of All Time’

eWeek’s Peter Coffee has compiled his idea of the “25 Killer Apps of All Time, seen below in chronological order.

Peter Coffee’s 25 Killer Apps of All Time:
1976: Electric Pencil
1978: WordStar
1979: VisiCalc
1981: dBase II
1982: AutoCAD
1983: Lotus 1-2-3
1983: Turbo Pascal
1984: MacWrite/MacPaint
1984: MultiMate
1985: Excel for Macintosh
1985: Aldus PageMaker
1986: Cross-network E-mail
1987: Excel for Windows
1987: dBase Mac
1988: Mathematica 1.0
1989: Word for Windows
1990: Windows 3.0
1990: Adobe Photoshop
1991: Microsoft Visual Basic
1994: Netscape Navigator 1.0
1995: Internet Explorer 1.0
1996: Palm HotSync
2001: Mac OS X
2001: Apple iTunes
2004: Mozilla Firefox 1.0

Read about and see screenhots of each application in the full article here.


  1. Forgot AppleWorks for the Apple II (not directly related to the Mac’s AppleWorks). It was the “killer app” for the platform that started it all…

    [And Windows 95 should be there instead of Windows 3.0 (which was terrible and “non-killer”)].

  2. “And Windows 95 should be there instead of Windows 3.0 (which was terrible and “non-killer”

    think 3.0 is listed as a ‘Killer App’ because of what it replaced. After all Spam is a ‘killer food’ if your starving to death.

  3. If Windows 3.0 was a “killer app”, then they made a huge mistake by not including any Mac OS that came with the original Mac. My first Mac had OS 4 on it, and was purchased in October of 1984. I don’t know if OS 1, 2 or 3 made it to general release, so I don’t know if they should be included there. But to include the original Windows without including the original Mac OS is just wrong!

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