Sling Media to release updated Sling Player for Mac OS X Public beta ‘this week’

“Mac Users – Good news! We’ll be posting the next PUBLIC BETA release on our website this week. I’ll post an update on this blog as soon as it’s available for download. The public beta release includes support for Mac OS 10.3 and has many fixes to the current version. It also sports a temporary new skin–a baby step in the right direction–while we continue to hone an all new Mac look and feel,” Sharon R. blogs for Sling Media.

Full article here.

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  1. “…continue to hone an all new Mac look and feel.”

    AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t anybody write english anymore? Are we all reduced to the grammar and syntax of a TV sportscaster?

    It’s HOME in, not HONE in. You HONE a razor or a knife. You HOME in on something when you narrow your search.

    My other pet peeve is when someone “takes a new TACT”. TACT is a synonym for diplomacy or politeness. In sailing, one “takes a new TACK” when ones changes direction. Could we please pay attention folks, and stop murdering the english language?

  2. Yo, Zeke…

    “hone” is appropriate usage. The dictionary you have in your mac says that “hone” means “make sharper or more focused or efficient.” So if Sling says that they “continue to hone an all new Mac look and feel” then they are making a more focused Mac look and feel. That effort I applaud.

  3. Rasterbator,

    The slingbox and iTV are different beasts. The iTV will allow you to stream content from around your network on your TV. The slingbox allows you to stream your content elsewhere – your laptop while you’re in a hotel room on business/holiday, your PDA, pretty much any other device with an Internet connection.

    iTV = timeshifting (you choose when you watch your content)
    Slingbox = placeshifting (you choose where you watch your content)

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