RUMOR: Apple ‘iTV’ remote control details, photos leaked?

“After hearing some chatter about the Ruwido VEXO remote control being a doppelganger of Apple’s forthcoming iTV’s remote control, I found an industry source who confirmed that Apple’s iTV remote will look just like this [left, click for larger images],” FierceIPTV reports.

“VEXO is an echo of previous and current Apple products: stylish innovation with a minimalist design (not a single button) that puts it far outside the confines of your everyday remote control. Ruwido is in fact the leader of remote control manufacturers in Europe, but most of their products are unremarkable. The VEXO stands out,” FierceIPTV opines.

FierceIPTV reports, “VEXO is a universal remote that has been designed to control upwards of 16 devices… VEXO, according to Ruwido, is a platform developed in anticipation of the interactive and Internet-based applications and devices of the future, which both apply to Apple’s iTV product.”

Full article here.
Uh, one thing: Apple CEO Steve Jobs, in his preview of the “iTV,” states (at 3:34 in the video below), “‘iTV’ is controlled with our very simple remote” while showing the small white Apple Remote currently shipping with Macs today.


  1. Yeah.. I know what Jobs said, but I take that with only a grain of salt. Anyone that has followed Apple announcments knows that Jobs has a rabbit in his hat.

    Not only that, it would make sense for them to offer a universal remote. From what I understand of the current Apple remote, it is not universal.

  2. The one thing I learned in September (with all that iPod video stuff) is this


    With that in mind, I can sit back and watch these things, safe in the knowledge that it’s all made up

  3. My opinion with remotes is that if it has enough functions to require multiple buttons – number input for channels – then I want physical buttons. Irrespective of how good the screen may be, I don’t need to keep looking down at the thing. Most great remotes you learn to use by touch alone.

  4. Rewatching this makes me think that the iTV will be a STAND-ALONE device as well, linking DIRECTLY with the iTunes store for purchasing. It will be ANOTHER media device that you can use with OR WITHOUT a computer, but will certainly be enhanced if you DO connect it to your computer – specifically a Mac.

  5. I would hope they would redesing the remot to use two AAA batteries. I’ve had my mini for only 6 months with very little remote usage, and the low battery warning comes up almost everytime I use it. Plus it needs to be slightly thicker to comfortably hold in my had. The buttons are almost perfect as is though. Simple, yet offers alot of control.

  6. That thing is twice as big as old Sanyo VHS remote. Actually it was small, at least when you comapre it to the modern day “standard” (size of a house on wheels).

    Most remotes today are just trying to make up for bad UI design and bad remote design leads to curse words and turning on the night light when watching DVD. It’s not like you’re reading a book for fucks sake.

    Why in a hell do they have to make those buttons so small? And why are there so many of ’em?

    MW types. as in two types of companies: those who care and those who don’t.

  7. Considering that Steve has dogged competitor products on stage, for their clunkiness, counter-intuitvity, and inferior design, I’d say not bloody likely.

    Wow… MW: Heart, as in, where blood comes from. How does it do that?

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