Behind the ‘Great Wall of Macintosh’

“Deep inside an industrial building in Burbank, California, stands the Great Wall of Macintosh — a humming barrier of 700 Apple Power Mac G5s, all meticulously stacked, one atop the other, in a U shape 8 feet high and 100 feet long. Alongside sits an equally imposing server bay, which stores a staggering 700 terabytes of data. Upstairs in a hypersanitized, temperature-controlled chamber, a technician wearing white silk scrubs hovers over two mammoth, $300,000 digital film scanners,” Evan Shamon reports for Wired News.

Shamon reports, “This monumental collection of gear provides the mathematical brawn behind DTS Digital Images, the world’s premier image-processing and -restoration house… The human brain behind the operation is John Lowry, a bespectacled, auburn-haired man who, at 74, doesn’t look a day older than 60.”

Full article here.

More info and images of DTS Digital Images’ wall of Apple Macs:

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  1. … all meticulously stacked, one atop the other,
    It’s not true! Look at the picture … they have shelving! Geez, they were smart enough to buy Macs but not smart enough to shelve them? “Hey we stacked them one on top … don’t TOUCH (crunch … crash … spindle … mutilate) t h a t . . .”

    Curious that he should want so many of them in one place but neglect to go with Xserves. A TB of data per system? Can I ‘borrow’ one please? When you’re done with it/need to upgrade?

    Hey. He’s an OLD guy, reached puberty before I was even born! Maybe a 74-year-old times 700 Macs is the reason the stats say Mac owners are so old?

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