The marketing strategy behind an Apple ‘iPhone’ announcement on Monday

“Gizmodo has a three sentence story claiming the iPhone will be announced on Monday, December 18. I can’t claim to have any information on the topic, but I can perhaps shed some light on why Apple might do this (if they do),” Carl Howe writes for Blackfriars’ Marketing.

Howe writes, “…This year, MacWorld and CES are the same week, doubling the normal number of tech stories. And while the week before Christmas is a busy time, there actually aren’t that many tech stories cluttering up the airwaves. The result: doing an announcement the week before Christmas might actually generate more press coverage than an announcement at MacWorld.”

Howe writes, “One more thing: you can bet that Steve Jobs wouldn’t announce iPhone this week if that were the centerpiece of his MacWorld keynote. If iPhone were announced next week, that implies that he has bigger and better things to show at MacWorld.”

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MacDailyNews Note: For the record, Gizmodo did not state “Monday, December 18” or even mention “Apple.” Brian Lam’s Gizmodo report states in full, including the headline, “Gizmodo Knows: iPhone Will Be Announced On Monday I guarantee it. It isn’t what I expected at all. And I’ve already said too much.”

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  1. Wow. A December announcement – does that mean December availability too? Well, even if there’s going to be a wait, this news seems to indicate 2 things:

    1) That Apple anticipates the iPhone to be so desireable that they don’t need a showcase like MacWorld to debut it.

    2) That, given how long people have been waiting for this product & how big this news is likely to be for that reason, whatever Jobs IS planning on introducing in January could crack the Earth’s crust (or at least he expects it to).

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  2. It would be highly unusual for Apple to announce something next week. But, it makes me wonder if Apple is becoming a victim of it’s own success. There are so many stories about this so called iPhone, and Apple’s stock is trading very high because of it; perhaps Apple feels it nessecary to spill the beans a little early to keep investers from getting skittish and bailing if the phone isn’t announced at MacWorld because it’s not ready or they are still trying to work out the details with carriers.

    If they do announce something Monday, I wouldn’t interpret that as they have something even better to announce at MacWorld; that would minimize the importance of the phone which makes no sense. I would interpret that as they are trying to preempt negitive news because they aren’t going to annouce the phone at MacWorld; and since the hype is nearly hesterical they have to do something about it.

  3. Apple could also be trying to offset a stock bomb when the restate past financials which they have to do before Dec 31st.

    An early iPhone release could cushion the blow if there is some bad news in these restated earnings.

    Just a thought.


    DOES ANYBODY REALLY BELIEVE that Apple would CANNIBALIZE their holiday sales of iPods by pre-announcing a product a week before Christmas — a product that won’t even be available until next year, if it exists at all?!?

    If Apple were that stupid to do this (and they are NOT that stupid), it would COMPLETELY HALT SALES OF iPODS for this holiday season!!

    This is the DUMBEST RUMOR that has ever been started regarding the mythical iPhone. Gizmodo has almost NEVER been right before on any of their previously-published rumors, yet now it’s making front-page headline news on MacDailyNews?

    I actually wish that MacDailyNews would stop printing rumors and leave these sorts of story to the rumot sites. This is supposed to be a news site, yet every day we get more & more unfounded rumors.

  5. Allen— I totally agree with you. After apple delayed filing their financial annual report today, it looks like the backdate restatement is going to be bigger than everybody is expecting. Apple is going to file on Jan 15th now, that’s right after MWSF. Convenient huh?

    If I was a average joe investor and have AAPL (which I do) I would be worried about the restatement on Dec 29th.

    Apple themselves has said not to trust financial statements reports from Sept 12, 2002 to current. If they have to backdate to the Sept 12, 2002 then that’s very, very bad news. On Sept 12, 2002 AAPL closed right under $8.00 a share. Do the math. Don’t forget that Apple has to pay taxes on the amount they restate at. It’s a good thing that Apple has huge amounts of cash in the bank.

    I don’t know about everyone else but I’ll be shorting AAPL on Dec 29th, so I can make some money on the restatement news. Then buying back in after the fallout levels off.

    MDN Magic Word: Provided—As in I just provided an idea for everybody to make money.

  6. I seriously doubt any announcement will be made this Tuesday or anytime before Macworld. I can’t take anyone seriously with a name like Gozmondo.
    Let’s just wait until Macworlds keynote speech and then we will get the announcements.

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