Apple releases .Mac Podcast Pack for .Mac members

Apple has released the “.Mac Podcast Pack” for .Mac members who use GarageBand.

To produce great-sounding podcasts, you need the right background music. .Mac members have free and exclusive access to the Podcast Pack, which includes professional music jingles and voiceovers.

To create professional sounds for your podcast:
1. Download and install the Packs you want, then launch GarageBand.
2. Under Control in the menu bar, select “Show Loop Browser”.
3. Click “Loops” at the top of the Loop Browser, then select “.Mac Podcast Pack” from the pop-up menu to view your new jingles.
4. Create your podcast, and using iWeb, publish your podcast to .Mac.

Apple’s .Mac Podcast Pack includes:
Alternative Rock (93.5 MB): New rock-inspired jingles, in all their guitar-grinding glory
Blues (49 MB): Add new cool with blues jingles
Cinematic (183.9 MB): Give your podcasts a movie soundtrack feel with these new jingles
Country (49.5 MB): New jingles with a bit of twang, for the more laid-back podcast author
Electronic (102.5 MB): Extended mixes of popular GarageBand electronic jingles, and two new tracks
Jazz (97.5 MB): Jazz up your podcast with this popular and ultra-cool GarageBand jingle set
Rock and Pop (119.9 MB): Upbeat new jingles devoted to giving your podcast an energetic and fun sound
Urban (127.9 MB): Fresh new jingles for the podcaster looking to add some hip-hop sound
Voice Over (9.8 MB): Add the professional voice talent of Joe Cipriano to give your podcast extra polish
World (35.2 MB): Add international flair with these new world-inspired jingles.

Learn more about .Mac and sign up for a free trial now.


  1. Dot Heist,
    There’s some truth to what you say clearly, but in my case, with a network of mac users, including editorial and salespeople who are not terribly compute savvy, having

    1. an Idisk just show up on their desk where they can drag files to and from to share them
    2. access to a very simple backup system (works quite well)
    3. integration with iweb
    4. new free goodies like this

    for the price it’s not too bad…I expect with the advent of Google Apps that Apple will make some
    dramatic improvements in .Mac, possibly at MacWorld in January. Either way…it works well enough
    to keep 30 people happy in our company.

  2. I Love it and it is worth every penny – Pretty cheap for al the things taht it just does with no configuring. It is nice to just click publish and my website is up and running without having to point to this server….This DNS.That #@$##^%. I like simple things that just work the way they should.

  3. You guys are correct that .Mac is overpriced at the moment. With the advent of Time Machine in Leopard, and other various apps, .Mac services are quickly becoming outdated or obsolete. I expect that the price of .Mac will drop within the next year.

    That said, I am a .Mac user, and I consider it an essential BTB solution for every Mac user. configuring a new machine for me is no harder than syncing it with my .Mac account. Plus, I host a variety of websites using iWeb and my .Mac account, both personal and customer facing.

    Groups, the Learning Center, iDisk, Sync, and very solid webmail/email functionality are definitely worth the price of admission….for now. Expect to see some major overhaulin’ in the near future (including price). New webmail was just the beginning.

    Like mentioned before, I’d like to hear all you elitist pricks enlighten the rest of us “who can’t figure out how to get it better and cheaper elsewhere” with a service that sports comparable features, integration and ease of use. Please help us with your vast knowledge….

  4. .Mac at $99 is a wee bit overpriced, but no other service gives you what .Mac does.

    Sure, you can download a bunch of apps that provide SOME of the functionality of .Mac, but that’s not good enough for me.

    Plus, I just want my shit to WORK. I don’t want to spend hours troubleshooting, reading instructions, setting preferences.

    .Mac just works. I love it.

    Oh, and those of you crying about the $99 price tag, you can get it for $69 on Amazon most of the time. $6 bucks a month for .Mac is a steal.


  5. Those that complain about the price of .Mac don’t truly understand it. There’s nothing else other there like it, and comparing it to AOL is sick.

    Nothing comes close, but with the recent “notMac Challenge”, we might just see a free alternative that’s just as good.

  6. Aah, the usual .Mac bashers- STFU already!

    I find most of the .Mac tools very useful in my multiple Mac environment. The effortless syncing and backup capabilities make it well worth the $8.25/month in my book. Granted, there are a few services they provide with .Mac that I don’t find that useful to me, but the one that are easily justify the cost. I can go without 2 Starbucks coffes a month for the peace of mind that my data is backed up in multple locations and that my Macs are in prefect sync with each other. My 2 cents…

  7. Sheridan,
    It contains 130+ items, 190+MB total, and it is all “new content”. Except, some may not seem ‘new’. Some is extended versions of content available with GB3.

    I’ve never used the GB3 Jingles, couldn’t figure out HOW when I was working out how I wanted our pod cast to sound and don’t want to change now. Good thing I made SOME use of the FreePlay offer a couple years back – had just the right music from that collection, but would have liked to have grabbed a bit more. Shy on free storage at the time, disks cost a lot more just that recently.

    DLMeyer – the Voice of G.L.Horton’s Stage Page

    Off Topic Comment:
    I find .Mac to be a bargain. Yeah, I can get this or that cheaper, or even free, elsewhere. AOL is now offering a 3 GB web-disk for free, and that sure beats the .Mac price. And you get a free-mail account with it, and all sorts of generic goodies. I don’t think I’ll be getting nearly as much use out of it.

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