Hands on: Parallels Desktop for Mac in a business setting

“The Mac web has covered Parallels ad nauseum. I think we’re agreed on that. Yet I’m here today to give my thoughts on how this program functions in a business setting,” Nick Santilli writes for The Apple Blog.

Santilli writes, “The back story is that I’m a Cisco Network guy. I do a lot of stuff that requires the IE 6 browser while other functions are via a serial connection for configuring hardware. The latter making it not the simplest of requirements. On a typical day in the office, I can usually be fount toting both my MacBook and my Dell Latitude with me. It’s a pain.”

Santilli writes, “While I love that I have the option to run Windows natively through BootCamp, I wasn’t about to be slowed-down by reboots whenever the need for the other operating system arose. So Parallels was very attractive to me as far as being able to run within OS X. This is my experience during this experiment.”

Full article here.


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