Prudential raises Apple Computer target price to $87

Analyst Jesse Tortora of Prudential Financial has reiterated his rating of “neutral weight” on Apple Computer Inc (AAPL) shares.

Tortora raised his target price on Apple shares to $87 from $74.

Apple shares are currently trading at $88.32.

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  1. Anti-FUD et all:

    Actually the article is written by Paul Krugman… but since you just spew words without thinking then let me shed some light into your dark little room…

    Paul Robin Krugman is an economist at Princeton University who has written several books and has written for The New York Times & Fortune. He is currently a professor of Economics and International Affairs at Princeton University.

    Kate: not so actually

    “”Wages have failed to keep up with rising prices. Even in 2005, a year in which the economy grew quite fast, the income of most non-elderly families lagged behind inflation. The number of Americans in poverty has risen even in the face of an official economic recovery, as has the number of Americans without health insurance. Most Americans are little, if any, better off than they were last year and definitely worse off than they were in 2000.

    But how is this possible? The economic pie is getting bigger — how can it be true that most Americans are getting smaller slices? The answer, of course, is that a few people are getting much, much bigger slices. Although wages have stagnated since Bush took office, corporate profits have doubled. The gap between the nation’s CEOs and average workers is now ten times greater than it was a generation ago.”

  2. The issue isn’t his credentials. I don’t even doubt his assertions. These words have been uttered since societies arose. What would you do to those who have more? Your intentions are likely in the right place, despite your sophomoric expletive in a COMPUTER forum. Be careful when government gets too strong. Eventually, someone will decide you shouldn’t have what you have, too.

    I speak from experience. The majority of my family was murdered in the Soviet Union because someone there decided they shouldn’t have as much as they did. People are people, so if you think that you and all the others with good intentions wouldn’t go that far, you’re misguided.

    Good fortune to you and those you’re trying to help. But it’s no help to play Robin Hood if the people getting the loot are still educationally or otherwise locked out of the system that’s feeding them. Redistributing wealth does nothing more than breed dependence.

  3. I reiterate– who cares how much someone else makes? If you want to help someone, griping doesn’t do anything. Help them on the community level and teach them how to access the largess that’s already here.

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