Ecamm Network offers ‘Huckleberry’ iSight mirror; turns Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro into video camera

Ecamm Network has announced the immediate availability of the Huckleberry MacBook mirror.

Huckleberry is a mirror device that connects to the lid of any MacBook or MacBook Pro, reflecting the built-in camera’s field of view back over the top of the screen. This allows users to create pictures and movies while still viewing and controlling their favorite Mac video application.

Ecamm includes their iGlasses software with every purchase. iGlasses provides iSight video enhancement and manipulation, including mirror image functionality (allows you to flip the reversed video image back to normal).

Huckleberry is available from Ecamm Network for US$19.95 with worldwide shipping available.

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  1. I’ve just patented the “Suckleberry’ forehead 45-degree mirror for iSight. This gives your iChat companion both a view of your facial expression and a lower view of your manipulation techniques. There’s got to be a market for that! The optional anti-skid surface prevents squirt from rebounding into the screen area. Comes in two versions: Standard@$9.99 and Magnified@$4.97.

  2. Great idea!

    I’ve used my iSight to give people virtual wireless walk-through tours of my apartment. With it connected to my PowerBook, I’ve walked around to show them all the rooms, fixtures, the view out the windows and even stuck my PB out the window to show them the view down the street.

    $20 is a steal

  3. HA THIS IS GREAT!! I’VE WANTED ONE OF THESE ALL SEMESTER!! Now i can finally video chat with my 4 friends and show them all the hot chicks in my lecture class!!! I’m so buying one right now!!

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