Apple begins ‘iPhone’ production

“Apple Computer continues to say nothing about its cell phone plans, but news about the much discussed iPhone continues to leak. This morning, Prudential’s Jesse Tortora asserted that ‘the production ramp has already begun’ in small quantities for an Apple slim phone to be available for sale late in the first quarter of next year, or early in the second quarter. Tortora expects a smartphone to follow 1-2 quarters later, ‘likely’ in the third quarter,” Eric Savitz (Barron’s) reports for Seeking Alpha.

“He also expects Apple to produce a music phone and a wide-screen iPod. In fact, he believes Apple is planning volume production of a widescreen iPod for the calendar first quarter of 2007, with an introduction late in the first quarter or early in the second quarter,” Savitz reports.

Savitz reports, “Tortora says he expects Apple to sell 7 million iPhones in calendar 2007 and 15 million in 2008, contributing 8 cents a share to earnings in fiscal 2007 and 29 cents in fiscal 2008.”

More details in the full article here.

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  1. I can see the new line now.

    Dateline, April,1, 2007

    Steve Jobs takes the stage to talk about the existance of the long delayed, often rumered Apple, iPhone.

    — there is a hush as he takes the mike.—

    “April Fool!!!”

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Admittedly, this whole thing will put Apple in a very, very tough spot if there is no iPhone.

    That’s the down side of such insistant rumors. Esp. ones of a product of this magnitude.

    Hmmm….maybe the Evil Empire at M$ is behind it, it’s a set up, to watch Apple not meet expectations and generate negative press and a stock drop in price.

    To which I say–BUY MORE STOCK WHILE IT’s DOWN!

  3. MacDailyNews Readers:

    The report writen by Mr. Jesse Tortora is as reliable as a
    recommendation from a real estate agent — saying that
    house prices are likely to bottom in 1Q07 and are likely
    to start rising again in 2H07 — and as reliable as your
    friendly used car dealer — saying that the shinny used
    vehicle he is showing you in his lot is a cream puff that
    was driven gently by an older previous owner, and that
    it should last you another 100 K miles.

    Jesse Tortora has no inside information. In fact Jesse
    has no information — other than his imagination and
    the rumors he picks up from reading Think Secret,
    Roughly Drafted, MacSurfer, Mac Rumors, and the
    rest of the Mac bloggers’ web.

    He is making this stuff up. That is how Wall St. works.
    and that is how they got civilians to buy tech stocks
    during the dot com bubble frenzy of the late ’90’s.

    The only added twist is that once Wall Street regurgitates
    rumors and made-up “analyst views” the bloggers read
    their own bloggers rumors — and then convince themselves
    that the investment bank “research reports” are proof that
    their imagined stuff is true.

    Then a new cycle of even more rumors, wild rumors, and
    “authoritative stockk brokers research reports” starts all
    over again to new heights of speculation — with everybody
    believing that all the talk is proof that they are correct.

    Finally, at the end of the first week of January of each year,
    Mr. Steve Jobs — CEO of Applle Computer — delivers his
    annual MacWorld Keynote Speech in San Francisco and
    completely disappoints everybody who had it from a good
    source that Apple was right then and there going to unveil
    the most desirable & amazing whatever new digital gizmo.

    Experience is another word for saying that you have learned
    not to take real estate brokers (house prices always go up);
    or used car dealers (it’s in perfect running condition) or Wall
    Street Analyst (my target for this stock is $150 by 2Q07) at
    their word.

  4. I got this really “HOT TIP” for Apple’s Marketing Department…

    Guys there a really big pent-up demand for iPhones or iTalk or what ever there going to call the new iPod Phone – really!

    So let’s get with it and get them out the door sooner then latter!


    PS I sure and hell hope your going to include a really good PDA program in the mix too!

  5. Dear Wall Street analyst:

    Do you love shinny cars as much as I do?

    And yes, I can’t wait to dump my RAZR which is a lesson to all those who think design is just a pretty case. If the thing has a crappy UI, people will hate it no matter how nice looking it is on the outside. Ironically this idea is lost on people who have no idea why Mac users love Macs so much. They think it’s just beacuse it’s a pretty box.

  6. This is NOT good news.

    Shame on you, MDN. Shame on you for your hyperbolic headline. How dare you proclaim “Apple begins ‘iPhone’ production”. You have no confirmation of that. All you have is a story of an “analyst” “asserting” that production has begun.

    Do you have any idea what stories like this, that “assert” things about Apple’s future do to Apple as a company? They HURT Apple. When this iPhone does not come out in January, because of articles like this, the stock price will go down. It is because of such rampant speculation on the part of “analysts” that Apple’s stock price usually goes down after large events like Macworld. They build up anticipation for products they know nothing about, only to disappoint everyone (including the market) when they don’t come out.

    As of now I’m calling for a boycott of all “analyst” articles from MDN. They have no clue in hell of what Apple is doing, so why is MDN covering them? Do people care what they say? I can read any Mac forum and get the exact same thing, but forums have 1/100th the impact on the stock (if that) that these guys do.

    Boycott them MDN! If you were true Apple fans, with Apple’s best interests at heart, that’s what you’d do.


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