Nearly half of Apple Mac users are over 55?

“Older folks use Macs too! A whole heck of a lot of them, actually,” Jacqui Cheng reports for Ars Technica.

“Mac users ‘enjoy’ the stereotype of being young, hip, and annoyingly artistic at times—I mean, after all, look at Justin Long! However, much to the surprise of many, a rather large percentage of Mac users are over the age of 55. As in, a larger percent of Mac users are over 55 than any other computer company,” Cheng reports.

Cheng reports, “46 percent of Mac users are over 55, according to the MetaFacts 2006 Home PC Brand Profile Report, with only 25.2 percent of PC users being over 55.”

Full article here.

More on MetaFacts 2006 Home PC Brand Profile Report:


  1. I just turned 60 also – first apple product for me was an apple II+ with an added language card – then a mac plus, IIsi, 7500, imac, ibook, G5 1.8, powerbook, G5 dualcore 2.3, mac mini, 17 macbook pro. Next who knows. apple all the way through ups and downs. Hve had a couple of pc’s for needed apps along the way but macs rule and windows drool.
    also had a couple newtons the 2100 best – we need another one.

  2. Interesting stats… ‘x’ is probably right, there’s older people going for the better/easier tehnology (and likely moving from Windows machines). And of course, there’s all those boomers like me, who discovered Macs early, like ‘ADQ Peter’, and who never left. It might be interesting to know the age spreads for people who are converting to Macs…

  3. It doesn’t surprise me that there are older Mac users. (After all, Darkness is older than time itself…) What does surprise me is the apparently large number of older MDN readers. For some reason I thought this site was full of younger types. Must be the commentary. 😀

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