Bear Stearns raises Apple price target to $100

Bear Stearns analyst Andrew Neff this morning raised his 12-month price target on Apple’s stock from $94 to $100 per share.

In a note to clients, Neff said that he is “optimistic about Apple’s continued innovation and twin drivers” of iPods and Intel-based Macs.

Bear Stearns maintains a rating of “Outperform” on Apple shares.

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  1. Big friggin’ deal! Who cares what some running-with-the-herd “analyst” has to say. That’s not even a tough call, and it’s already been made by others, so it’s just useless drivvle meant to make him feel important, and very, very safe.

  2. @huh?

    drivvle? C’mon. Even an analyst could tell you that if you had a Mac you could spell check your comments in both Safari and Firefox with a convenient right-click or control-click. In Safari you can even bring up the dictionary if you’re unsure of the word’s meaning.

    Typical negativity and poor grammar from just another M$ fanboy. Lose the Windows machine and get a Mac already.

  3. I can’t remember who it was, but a couple of months ago an analyst raised their target to a dollar below what the price actually was that day. The whole ‘price target’ metric seems so random and arbitrary the more I follow it, so I no longer do.
    Here is all you need to know –

    All Your Digital Media Delivery Methods Are Belong To Apple.

    And the stock is going up, and will continue to go up, because no one else in anywhere NEAR Apple in this game.
    If anyone could do it, then it would be MS, with their vast resources.
    And MS fell on their face like Gerald Ford on greased roller-skates.
    So there is ONE GAME IN TOWN.
    And Apple owns it.

    This is certainly not rocket science.


    MW: ‘middle’ (-man box-assemblers unite. You’re gonna have to)

  4. A lot of this depends on their strategy. if they’re very conservative, they’ll do what Chrissy described. If they’re more speculative, they’ll be like Piper Jaffray who looks out to the future quite a bit. Not all investment houses are attracted to stocks like AAPL because it can be a tad volatile. So, while some are aggressive and seem to be bullish on Apple, others are a bit skittish when it comes to fast moving stocks.

  5. Or maybe it’s down because Kim Jong Il is gonna be iPod-less.
    Recent checks indicate he personally bought 380,000 U2 iPod Special Editions last week alone.
    Homeboy *loves* his Dre.


    MW: ‘economic’ (forecasters often ignore Apple’s mind-control-death-ray)

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