Report: Apple to ship 300,000 MacBooks this month, 1 million units this quarter likely

“Apple Computer’s new Core 2 Duo MacBooks are selling like popsicles on a hot summer day, with orders for the month of November likely to reach 300,000 units,” AppleInsider reports.

“According to the Chinese-language Commercial Times, Apple’s build orders the 13-inch notebooks to Taiwanese manufacturing partner Asustek Computer are expected to rebound to 300,000 units this month,” AppleInsider reports.

AppleInsider reports, “By shipping similar quantities of MacBooks in December, it’s almost assured that Apple will handily eclipse the 1 million milestone for notebook shipments during its current quarter after sales of its professional MacBook Pro systems are factored into the mix.”

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  1. Ordered a nice Core 2 Macbook the day they came out. It does get a bit warm, especially when encoding video, but not nearly hot enough to burn my lap. All in all, a very sweet machine. Since this is the first Mac I’ve owned in over 10 years, I guess I’m helping to fuel the fire of demand for the MacBook.

  2. pieterdebecker, I get the same crap. it looks like some kind of spyware. I don’t like to click on it so I force quit Safari. I thought MDN had more integrity than to allow this kind of intrusive shite on their website but apparently I am wrong.

  3. I bought one for my daughter, and it was delivered yesterday !! she is in school at Univ. Miami Fl.

    Talked with her for over an hour on the phone, explaing differant thing to her, (1st experiance with a Mac).

    Realized it was the longest and best conversation we have had in years (I was an absent father)

    Thnk you Apple

  4. Got my Macbook pro core 2 duo 17″ on black Friday. Awesome machine. Don’t understand all the hoopla about heat. Encoded video for an entire day and it didn’t get as hot as my powerbook g4 1.67 ghz. So far, this machine blows the powerbook away in every way (except the power brick is twice as big). But, I love the magsafe.

  5. I also have a new 15″ C2 MBP – it does not get “hot” even under heavy load (though the fan does spool up to a high speed when running WoW).

    I was very “on the fence” because my 1.25 GHz PowerBook was still running great and a fine machine. The C2 MBP is so much better and so much faster that I am very glad I took the plunge. The PowerBook seemed to run hotter to me, but I haven’t actually use a thermometer to measure relative temperatures.

    Buy one. Do it now.

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