RUMOR: Apple prepping new USB keyboard featuring iPod dock

“Apple may be preparing to release a new USB keyboard with a built-in iPod dock, sources report. The revelation comes through an unusual series of events that found samples of the unreleased keyboard in at least a few customer hands following a gaffe at an Apple repair parts depot,” Think Secret reports.

“According to sources, who were unable to see the keyboard themselves but heard about its existence from those who had, a small number of the unreleased keyboards were sent out to customers on the east coast who had sent their original keyboards to Apple for replacement. The number of misdirected keyboards is estimated to be less than ten and all are believed to have been recovered by Apple,” Think Secret reports.

“When the new keyboard may properly find its way into customer hands, if ever, is unknown but if the units are as production-ready as it seems, Macworld Expo San Francisco in January seems a likely venue for the release of the new keyboard,” Think Secret reports.

More in the full article here.


  1. Over at on their Page 2 they say

    “Update: MacRumors has received word from an anonymous submission claiming to be from the submitters of the ThinkSecret story saying that the story is fake. Therefore in a story full of hearsay and now anonymous submissions, this rumor should be taken with a grain of salt.”

    Where would an iPod dock fit?

  2. Dumb idea??? Hmmm…. Think about it, what if this was to be more of a verification of having an OS/home directory on the iPod, much fabled a while ago? Just a quick thought. Yeah… I know the screen would be to small but… what if…

  3. Personally I am liking that idea. When I go to syc my iPod(s), I leave a wire dangling behind my iMac. Having a dock in the keyboard would tidy that up nicely. I would never have to pull out my wire again.

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