Spotted: unreleased ‘Nike Amp+’ wrist-mounted Bluetooth iPod remote (with image)

Several MacDailyNews and iPodDailyNews readers have noticed a little device called the “Nike Amp+” that’s featured in Men’s Health’s “2007 Tech Guide.”

Back in May, at the introduction of the Nike+iPod Sport kit, Nike CEO Mark Parker and Apple CEO Steve Jobs called it a ‘great start’ and said that the two companies would develop more products as part of an ongoing partnership. Obviously, they weren’t kidding.

Men’s Health says:
Playlist miscues can ruin a run. That’s the impetus behind this wrist-mounted Bluetooth remote, which lets you browse through songs on your iPod or check your run times without fumbling with the player. It syncs up with the Nike+iPod running system via Bluetooth wireless connection, displaying information on an illuminated LED readout hidden beneath the matte-finish face of the bracelet. Just stash your iPod in your pocket—no more fiddling with the sweat-slicked dial. MSRP $80.

This product not yet released.

On the Men’s Health’s “2007 Tech Guide,” select “Media Players” and scroll down past the soon-to-be-defunct (if Microsoft has any brains left, which we seriously doubt) Zune MP3 Player, just below the iPod shuffle to see the Nike Amp+ here.
Steve Jobs can’t be too happy about this slip-up, but we are – this looks cool! As expected, there’s no sign of it here or here, yet.

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  1. I think the gadget industry is different than the iPod world. The people who read about this stuff need a heads up. These are the people who wanna be first to get it, but they need to know when it’s coming.

    So, my guess is, not a slip-up.

    The iPod is not a gadget. Apple doesn’t make gadgets. Anyone?

  2. This is a great product, with appeal that should go well beyond just athletes. I also think, given the high prices for most anything ‘iPod’ these days, even the listed $80 is ok – at least it isn’t ‘$99.99’. I was actually surprised that the little transmitter you put in your shoe came out at $40 – it sounded too rational.

    As for the need for a remote, one of the biggest complaints I’ve hear from people is how they don’t like having to fiddle with an iPod when you just want to keep it in your pocket (like, oh, maybe to prevent theft?). In fact, a friend bought Apple’s in-line FMradio/headphone thingy so he’d have a way of controlling the iPod remotely, in addition to being able to get radio. As an aside, I also hear from a lot of people who’d like to see radio built into the iPod. AM too, if you can believe it (for sports talk primarily)! I’m a bit of an NPR freak, so I’d have to say I’d love the feature too. (Anybody listening??)

    Anyway, as it turns out, for my friend the radio part doesn’t pull in stations too well at all. However, the remote feature is a winner. His only complaint about it is the extra length of wire for the headphones; it’s a real pain. Too unwieldy. From the customer reviews on Apple’s site, it seems most people (even the ones for whom the radio works as advertized) have the same ‘long wire’ beef.

    So this Bluetooth wristband remote could be a hit just waiting to happen, especially if it turns out to be durable. 80 bucks IS too much if the thing stops working in a year or two.

    Now … if Apple would just make the iPod itself with an AMFM radio transmitter built in, we’d be REALLY getting somewhere!
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