Apple iPod clearly immune to Zune

“While Apple’s Macintosh line is still building on its recent market-share gains, it was sales of the iPod music and video players that continued to highlight Apple’s holiday-weekend business and grab the attention of analysts and shoppers,” Rex Crum reports for MarketWatch.

“A look at Amazon’s list of best-selling products showed that Apple’s 2-gigabyte silver iPod Nano was the top-selling electronics device, followed by the black 30-gigabyte video iPod and the newly released 1-gigabyte iPod Shuffle in the third spot. Apple iPods claimed five of the top 10 spots on the Amazon list, and 10 of the top 25,” Crum reports. “By comparison, Microsoft’s new and highly touted Zune media player came in only at No. 75 on Amazon’s list of 100 best-selling electronics, trailing items such as Apple’s $29.99 iPod USB power adapter (No. 65).”

“‘The 30GB video iPods are selling well (and appear to be immune to the Zune),’ wrote Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore in a research note,” Crum reports. “Whitmore said that retail checks suggest Apple has stocked sufficient supplies of iPods and Macs at its own stores and at most distributors. In addition to the video iPod, the newest iPod Shuffle, released just on Nov. 3, is turning out to be a popular holiday gift, he added, and the 4GB versions of the iPod Nano are popular, ‘as they come in a number of colors.'”

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  1. Pity. Always an unpleasant emotion on the sending, and receiving end.

    ‘Was with a friend over the holidays, and I drew out my MacBook, flipped it open, and got wi-fi in about five seconds. He brought out his “bathroom scale” Dell, and waited for it to boot up, and then hunt for a signal.

    Painful, awkward silence as it groaned to life. You don’t want want to say anything, but you just have to. Probably the same watching a Zunist waiting for a song download. You watch, knowing he’s as likely to be getting infected with something “social” as getting some new tune.

    At least MS chose a different path. The differentiation towards wireless was their obvious option, but I can’t stop thinking it’ll be like the Dell/MacBook comparison if Apple ever decides that should be done.

  2. Zune Tang is not funny yet all you Mac Heads just lap it up. It cracks me up as you sound like those pretentious artsy-fartsies who stand in front of an impressionist painting and discuss the emotions a painting that looks like splattered rat guts evokes in you. Goes to show that you are so easily fooled. I bet you all have XP on your Macs….welcome to the social disease heheheh

  3. To a real MS lover:

    Your right, we appreciate art and can see things in it that you cannot. And the ‘Social’ that you attend is a festering melting pot of computer STD’s and XP isnt wearing any protection, we’ll see how long it lasts…..

  4. Nick,,,,a turd is a turd…not a tapered extention of a gut feeling extracted after sitting down into the thinking position. Don’t get me wrong…the Zune is crap. I am a realist and don’t color coat garbage. I can see art but if an artist paints a landscape over and over, is it still art? What is left to appreciate?
    The iPod is functionally better than the Zune. Who cares about how pretty it is. A pragmatist cares about price and functionality (which includes quality). That it evokes feelings of pleasure as you fondle it doesn’t cut it.

    So don’t give me that crap about art……un;ess you get off on fondling things.

  5. Welcome to the Social… dang no one else turned up.. did I get the date wrong… let me check the invite..
    arghhhh! I am 5 years too late.. oh well I will buy 2 Zunes so I be share and be social with myself..

  6. “Give them a few months to get on their feet at least before you declare the thing a failure, would you? How many iPods sold in its first week?”

    While I agree Zuination does need a few months to really see where it is headed, the comparison to the first few weeks of the iPod is comparing Apples and lemons. The market for such devices at that time was in its infancy. Also, the iPod initially was limited to an OS with a much lower market share, so the pool of consumers that would be able to use iPod was much smaller.

    MW: bad, as in, not having a click wheel is real real bad

  7. The ‘Zune Tang’ imposter post marked Nov 27, 06 – 03:30 pm doesn’t get it, however,

    ‘a real MS lover’ gets it.

    The whole “The iPod is functionally better than the Zune” line is hilarious. I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Good stuff. What’s great about his/her joke is it’s impossible for consumers to name one thing on an iPod that is better than Zune—even after reading the clearly biased reviews.

    Also note that I am not trying to be funny. Defending a superior product against an inferior one that holds a huge marketshare advantage is very serious stuff indeed. You Apple fanboys have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, but Microsoft fans have suffered long enough. The Zune far outshines iPod in every way, but the prejudiced media, blogs and everyone else reveals their favoritism and tells you the Zune is garbage. I’m tired of it. What ever happened to truth and impartiality?

    One last thing and here is where ‘a real MS lover’ hits the nail on the head: so what if the iPod is pretty? If you ask us loyal Microsoft fans there’s too much pretty in the world today and this is yet another area where Microsoft excels. They don’t waste time with namby-pamby product appearance—and it shows in the marvelous Zune. Nicely done, Redmond. Looks like it’s back to the drawing board Apple. Again.

    Welcome to the Social.

  8. ZT

    its smaller. That is a good thing. Its mostly metal making it sturdierso when I drop the stupid thing while playing with it after haveng too much to drink or when my girlfriend drops it when she is also playing Hank the Pissed Tank, it doesn’t shatter like cheap plastic would.

    I just wish Apple would improve their crappy version of iTunes for XP….

  9. Yes, it is amazing, considering that for ipod, you can buy it online from Apple and get free engraving. Last year Apple’s own site was #4 in holiday traffic. So despite Apple making a thick slice of its retail sales itself, it is the runaway bestseller for the other sites it competes with.

    Can’t wait for the day when MS introduces yet another incompatible device and all the ms fanbois drool over that. (Or are there really no such animals–could it ALL be astroturfing?)

    MW: ball.
    Yep, that’s the ballgame (yes, it’s a marathon, but when you’re 25 miles behind, you ain’t gonna win!)

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