Apple and Fox Reality to offer ‘My Bare Lady,’ other reality shows for download via iTunes Store

Apple and Fox Reality will be offering preview downloads of the first episode of Fox’s new U.S. television series via Apple’s iTunes Store. The dealwill allow viewers to watch the premier episodes of new reality programs one week before they air for US$1.99.

The first episode — the premier of “My Bare Lady” — will be on the iTunes site Thursday, according to a report via Daily Variety .

Things heat up when four American adult film stars are sent to London’s most prestigious theatrical school to prove they can really act. When the curtain goes up, someone’s going down.Fox Reality’s “My Bare Lady” website.

“Other originals set to bow on iTunes include ‘Rob and Amber: Against the Odds,’ which premieres in January, and law-enforcement skein ‘The Academy,’ slated for May. Video podcasts of interviews from Fox Reality’s daily show ‘Reality Remix’ and episodes of ‘Solitary’ have already generated nearly 1 million downloads since their iTunes debuts in June and September, respectively,” Denise Martin reports for Variety.

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  1. Is there no creativity in Hollywood anymore? Is this really the best they can come up with? I continue to wonder why so many people are interested in getting HDTV – so they can watch crap more clearly.

  2. Yeah Jimbo, I mean considering those types wage outlaw wars, killing thousands of people, for the profit of an inner circle, this type of programming shouldn’t offend you a bit, don’t ya think?

  3. Everything I read about Fox confirms to me that Murdoch is cheap hypocrite whose news channels espouse moral certainty and support politicians who support that point of view whilst his entertainment channels profit (or attempt to profit) from ‘entertainment’ television that panders to prurient interests.

    That said, one would hope that the girls taking part in this series don’t land up being being treated like circus freaks for the benefit of Middle America. At the end of the day, they might be working in porn but they’re very likely still nicer, less judgemental, less dogmatic people than most of the people who’ll be watching this show because they’re too frightened to go and buy an adult movie.

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