Newly proposed Australian copyright laws could turn iPod users into criminals

“Proposed new copyright laws in Australia dramatically lower the threshold for a criminal infringement, raising the prospect that having devices such as MP3 players or uploading a Web video of yourself singing along to your favorite song, could lead to serious penalties, critics say,” The Associated Press reports.

“The amendments have been introduced to Parliament and are being debated by politicians and experts before a final version of the bill is put to a vote, expected sometime next year,” AP reports.

AP reports, “Electronic Frontiers Australia, a nonprofit Online free speech group, said the bill vastly extends the scope of items considered used for copyright theft from strictly commercial machines like printing presses to personal devices like video players, iPod-type MP3 players and home computers. ‘Section 132(3) makes possession of those devices a criminal offense,’ the group wrote in a submission to a government committee examining the bill.”

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Have fun paying for and attempting to prosecute millions of “criminals,” Australia. They’ll change Section 132(3) before it becomes law if they have even half a brain among them.

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  1. From the article:

    “The proposals would make it an indictable offense — one that must go before the justice system — for someone to possess a device with the intention of using it to infringe copyright.”

  2. “I’ll give up my iPod when they pry my cold, lifeless fingers from it.”

    “iPods don’t steal music, I steal music.”

    “What we need are safer iPods.”

    “No one has the right to keep and bear pods.”

    “I have an unalienable right to carry any iPod I want.”

    “Apple plans to sell automatic iPods with rapid search features and magnum-sized hard drives.”

    “Gangland iPodding crimes on the increase!”

    “You got a permit for that pod, boy?”

    “If iPods are banned, only criminals will listen to music.”

    “Please, don’t let childen use an iPod. Keep it locked in a secure place.”

    “How many children will enter a life of crime because of these iPods? Think of the children!”

    “See a pod, call a cop!”

    “My daddy’s in jail ’cause he podded. (snif, snif)”

    “What we have here, Watson is a smokin’ iPod.”

  3. Thank God for Australian lawmakers! Now U.S. lawmakers are no longer the stupidest people on the planet.

    And to think that Australia was settled by Britain’s criminals. How the pendulum has swung!

    What will be illegal next? Sex? Cheese?

  4. “From the article:

    “The proposals would make it an indictable offense — one that must go before the justice system — for someone to possess a device with the intention of using it to infringe copyright.”

    I suppose you are trying to say that this is no big deal? However, the phrase you emphasized does not mean that this only applies to hardcore pirates. It is meaningless without the context of what constitutes copyright infringment in Australia. If ripping a CD and transfering to an iPod is considered copyright infringement, then this is a seriously fucked up law. I wouldn’t worry about mass arrests, but I would worry that content providers will use this as leverage to have hardware makers cripple their technology or extort them for $ for each unit sold, which consumers in that country will pay.

    Realist, my ass.

  5. Possession of a personal computer is a criminal offense? Now, that is real stupidity!

    MW: schools. How many schools will be raided and teachers and students arrested for using PCs. This is exactly like the thinking(?) behind outlawing so-called drug paraphernalia.

  6. Not sex or cheese maczealot, although I’m sure they’d love to restrict the former now that the High Court has effective given them carte blanche over state governments.

    However criticising the government can be regarded as ‘sedition’ under new anti-terror laws, which they have used against peace activists. The same laws can see a person charged with an unspecified crime, which you cannot defend yourself against because the government deems their evidence “top secret”. You may not even be allowed to appoint your own legal counsel, instead having to rely on someone the Government chooses. And this is after you have been “disappeared” so the Government can interrogate you. Oh, and after you’re released if you tell your family or friends what happened to you, you can all go to gaol.

    This Government behaves in a very totalitarian fashion with an insidious conservative agenda. They are also corrupt as hell. Afterall, it was under the Howard’s Liberal Party (as in liberal economics, everything else is extremely conservative) Government that the AWB (Australian Wheat Board – a government body) paid kickbacks to Saddam Hussein at the very same time we were preparing to go on that disastrous military adventure in Iraq. So effectively, a conservative Australian Government was funding the Butcher of Baghdad’s weapons programs.

    Therefore you have to ask, why aren’t that lot rotting in Gitmo instead of David Hicks who’s guilty of nothing more serious than being misguided and in over his head – he never pulled a trigger, never hurt another human being, yet he’s been imprisoned in Gitmo for 5 years now and still no closer to a trial.

    Justice delayed is justice denied!

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