’s must-have gadget gifts include Blu-ray, Apple iPod, Garmin Nuvi, more

“Face it, my brothers and sisters, it’s been a good year. World uncertainties aside, the markets have been generous to most of us,” Jonathan Blum writes for “Bounty on this grand scale creates, well, a problem: What ridiculously extravagant gift are you going to give someone (or yourself) in 2006?”

“The supposed big story of the year is the ‘war’ between the two competing high-definition video disc standards: HD digital video discs and Blu-ray discs. But there’s really no story, and there is no war. Blu-ray disc players are better. They offer more storage, more features and better image quality. So get a Blu-ray player, cost and compatibility be damned,” Blum writes.

Blum writes, “I am not even going to burden these bits and bytes with mentioning Microsoft’s ludicrous Zune portable player, which is attempting to compete this year with Apple’s iPod. Microsoft has no chance with the Zune. Not one.”

“My pick for best nav tool is the portable Garmin Nuvi 360 ($857),” Blum writes. “This map-rich mini-me knows most of North America’s streets, restaurants and points of interest. It can drive with you, bike with you and store pictures and music. And it even translates from one language to another. With the Nuvi, now only losers get lost.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mark” for the heads up.]


  1. Now to actually comment on the story, I would love a Blu-ray player this holiday season along with a 1080p set, but $1000 for a player is a bit too much for me. Hopefully, the prices of the drives will fall like a brick taking the price of the PS3 down a few notches too. Maybe I’m just old, but $600 for a console seems a bit excessive as well.

    Nonetheless, Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Microsoft has announced upgraded holiday Zune models will include a GPS locator so users can find other elusive Zune-heads for a real get down social experience. Each new Zune will have a range of 300 miles and is accurate to within 20 feet! Cool, huh?

  3. Wow. Couldn’t be more wrong on Microsoft’s chances with the Zune.

    Hey Blum, how about making an informed decision? I suggest you get out to Best Buy and make a comparison between the iPod and Zune. Hold one in each hand. The larger dimensions and additional weight of the Zune are your first clue that you’re working with something more substantial than those puny Zune wannabe iPods. Hey iPod nano, this is what a real, grown up MP3 player looks like. Don’t get me started on the itsy-bitsy iPod shuffle. Pu-leeeeeze.

    Microsoft and consumers get it, Blum. Once they experience Zune, the Zune Marketplace and best of all the promise of Microsoft’s continued innovation and focus on the customer, this whole iPod thing is gonna come crashing down. Apple doesn’t have a chance with their copycat, follow the leader strategy. I’ll bet my Zune points on it.

    Welcome to the Social.

  4. Took my kids to the park. We observed a Zune user, moving in a random jerky pattern, eyes widely open, head twisting and bobbing up and down, chirping “Wanna squirt? Wanna squirt?” Kids said, “He looks funny.” and “Where did he come from?” and “Are there more like him?” Kids ask the dardnest questions.

  5. JadisOne – you can get a Samsung Blu-ray player for $800 (open box -$100) at Best Buy. I use to own a Toshiba HD-DVD player, the Samsung is much better in design, faster loading times and a true 1080p support. I’ve watched ‘Monster House’ & ‘Ice Age 2’ and man, does it look awesome!!!!

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