Washington Times: Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro portables are ‘superb values’

Apple Store“Apple Computer has had 30 good years and 2006 will go down as one of the company’s best, if not the best, so far,” Mark Kellner reports for The Washington Times.

Within the past two weeks, Apple has upgraded the Intel processors in two of its portables, the MacBook and MacBook Pro, offering greater speed at the same price as earlier models,” Kellner reports. “If the former computers were good values, the new models are superb values worth considering for an end-of-year purchase or for holiday gift giving.”

“The MacBook Pro, with its 15-inch screen and 2.33 gigahertz Intel Core 2 Duo processors, would be a very good choice for many traveling business people,” Kellner reports. “The screen is large without being overbearing (Apple offers a 17-inch version, but it’s unwieldy)…”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s not unwieldy, but it does cause most people to stare in public. Those with big, thick, ugly, heavy, bathroom scale-looking Dells et al. don’t stare, they avert their eyes in shame. As they should.

Kellner continues, “For me, though, I’d probably want to spend about $800 less on a very nicely equipped MacBook and spend the balance on a digital camera or some such thing. The MacBook, with which I fell in love last summer while toting one around southwestern Turkey, is back in a new and improved model [with] more than enough for me, and perhaps for many other people.”

Kellner writes, “My earlier endorsement of both MacBook models, basic and Pro, stands, and is enhanced with more bang for your computing buck. Oh, and do I need to remind you that with Parallels Workstation software, you can run Microsoft Windows (if needed) alongside the Mac OS?”

Full article here.

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  1. MacDailyNews Take: It’s not unwieldy, but it does cause most people to stare in public. Those with big, thick, ugly, heavy, bathroom scale-looking Dells et al. don’t stare, they avert their eyes in shame. As they should.

    And why, exactly, should they? It’s not shameful to own a Dell for Christ’s sake. There’s a lot of people who make meager wages and they can’t yet afford a Macbook, even if it is good value for the money. There’s millions of people that bust their asses every day for minimum wage and a grand for a computer is just a bigger hit than they can afford to take on with one purchase. For these people, a cheap Dell, HP, Lenovo or whatever are better buys.

    Who the fsck is MDN to be the arbiters of shame? Have you seen your own website lately? With your sweeping generalization, you insult a huge range of people that are the backbone of society. People who work hard and earn little. These people should not feel shame because they buy what they can best squeeze into their budgets. The only people that ought to be ashamed are the operators of this website for thinking they are so much better than other people because of the computer they use. You have absolutely no perspective.

  2. Gotta go with Captain Obvious here…MDN, you gotta stop acting so much like the bad stereotype of the stuck-up Mac user. Enough already…you could stand to lighten up a bit.

    MDN Word: reached – As in “Even I have reached my limit on the rude “takes” MDN puts out.”

  3. And out comes the “beggar thy neighbor” rant from another confirmed knee-jerker! (Hankies, hankies everyone.)

    You, Cpt. Obvious, have no sense of humor . . . or, for that matter . . . sense of perspective. This is NOT the floor of Congress. This is NOT the altar of your church, synagogue, or mosque. This is NOT the foyer of Heaven. This is a fun place where we of the MINORITY FACTION come to feel good about ourselves and our choices. Are you not a supporter of the great unwashed MINORITY, sir or madam? We are the little guys here, the underdogs, the poor, the huddled masses. Mustn’t you love us?

    SUGGESTION: Get down off your high horse, Captain, and go serve some soup to the disadvantaged Windows users of the world. You will feel much better about yourself in THAT endeavor than in THIS, I assure you.

  4. Ya’ know, Cpt., Quevar, and me, if you don’t like the tone, focus, or mission of this site, show your displeasure with your feet! That is, go somewhere else. The Savlation Army website perhaps. Goodwill, anyone? After all, can’t we all just get along?

  5. THeo:

    Exactly. You “confront” them with it. A lot of people averts their eyes from assholes and blowhards. I have 3 Macs and I do the same, even if it’s some PC laptop owner trying to make condescending remarks about my Mac. My desire to not pay attention to them is because of their behavior, not their hardware. I suspect this to likely be your case.

    Most people I know have PCs, and none of them shamefully hide away behind their computers when they see mine. They look at mine and are extremely impressed by what they see. But they also dislike the unfamiliarity. If they ask, I show them what it can do. If they don’t I leave them alone. After all, you and I may own a Mac, but in a room full of PC users, I’d sooner avert my eyes from a jerk like you than the people who have different preferences than I.

  6. Hey Cpt. Obvious,
    Shut up. I quess it’s not OBVIOUS to you MDN is being sarcastic…poking a little fun….making us readers smile. This is no the OP ED page of the NYT.
    Isn’t it Obvious, Cpt.,not to throw around F bombs instead of a more intelligent quip. Lighten up Francis.

  7. I think MDN is right on this one. People shouldn’t hang their head in shame over having a DELL. Surely with the good deals that you can get on refurb equipment and the second hand market being able to supply you with a refurbished Powerbook G4 or iBook or even a used MacBook there is no excuse buying a DELL. I am not wealthy but I did invest £2.5K a couple of years back in a dual 2.5gig G5 with wifi and bluetooth and a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Just because I needed a setup for work that had some longjevity. So Cpt Obvious. There is always a way for the less wealthy to own a Mac and still no excuse for buying a DELL POS bathroom scale.

  8. “Oh, and do I need to remind you that with Parallels Workstation software, you can run Microsoft Windows (if needed) alongside the Mac OS?”

    What? If needed? More like AS NECESSARY!

    Do I need to remind you I can run Windows on my Dell without being nickel and dimed for emulation software? I can run Zune marketplace, Windows Movie Maker and all kinds of great software that you Apple fanboys drool over but can’t run on your 30-year old, has-been Unix OS. That’s bang for you computing buck. I choose to run Windows because there’s much more well designed, super-awesome software for it than any other platform. More is better; Macs are expensive. End of story.

    Your potential. Our passion.

    BTW, As if you couldn’t tell, I am fiercely proud of my Dell Latitude and the brilliant technology it represents at an astounding price. The chick on Home Shopping Network said it was stylish and who am I to question a quality computer reseller like HSN? My IT friends think it’s cool too. No shame here.

  9. I think Cpt. Obvious is taking it to a level that MDN has no intention of…

    If you’re offended by MDN’s comments, than visit another site. Look, these are computers here people. They are things…nothing more. If you honestly judge your place in society by the thing on your lap…there is something wrong with you.

    If you judge your place in society period…there is something wrong with you.

    Just lighten up people. This is one of the problems of society…too many serious people taking comments out of context and ruining it for the rest that simply enjoy reading.

    Cpt. Obvious…I know what is really wrong with you. I won’t share it with everyone, but I will say that there are cremes for your “condition”. Next time…just wear protection.

    And let that be a lesson to all of you.

  10. I assure you I have a vivd sense of humor and can certainly take a joke. At what point does the endless sarcasm and “joking” become true opinion from this site? Joking is only joking when it’s done in moderation.

    As for my leaving, why exactly should I? I’ve been here way longer than most of you, and I can remember way back when this was the best site to get Mac news from, not biting and tireless sarcasm within take after take after take. I’m not going to capitulate to mediocrity. The rest of you can feel free to do so.

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