Amazon’s bestselling MP3 players list chronicles Microsoft Zune dud

From a high of #5 on day one, down to #7, then #9 on day two, and continuing to plummet to #17 on day six, Microsoft’s Zune (black) on Amazon’s list of bestselling MP3 players looks like a classic dud. The brown Zune fares even worse and the white Zune model is the worst selling Zune of all:

Amazon’s current Top 50 Bestselling MP3 Players list (updated hourly)
1. Apple 30 GB iPod video Black (5.5 Generation)
2. Apple 2 GB iPod Nano Silver (2nd Generation)
3. Apple 80 GB iPod Video 5.5 Generation (Black)
4. Apple 4 GB iPod Nano Pink (2nd Generation)
5. SanDisk SDMX4-2048 Sansa e250 2 GB MP3 Player with SD Expansion Slot
6. Apple 8 GB iPod Nano Black (2nd Generation)
7. Apple 4 GB iPod Nano Silver (2nd Generation)
8. Apple 4 GB iPod Nano Black
9. Apple 4 GB iPod Nano Green (2nd Generation)
10. Apple 1 GB Shuffle Metal (2nd Generation)
11. Apple 60 GB iPod video Black (5th Generation)
12. SanDisk Sansa M230 512 MB MP3 Player (Blue)
13. Apple 30 GB iPod video White (5.5 Generation)
14. Apple 80 GB iPod video White (5.5 Generation)
15. SanDisk Sansa M240 1 GB MP3 Player (Silver)
16. Apple 4 GB iPod Nano Blue (2nd Generation)
17. Zune 30 GB Digital Media Player (Black)
18. Creative Zen Vision:M 30 GB MP3 and Video Player (Black)
19. SanDisk Sansa e280 8 GB MP3 Player (Black)
20. SanDisk Sansa M250 2 GB MP3 Player (Black)
21. Apple 4 GB iPod Nano White
22. Apple 30 GB iPod with Video Playback Black (5th Generation)
23. Sandisk SDMX4-4096 Sansa e260 4 GB MP3 Player with SD Expansion Slot
24. Apple 512 MB iPod Shuffle
25. Zune 30 GB Digital Media Player (Brown)
26. Apple 1 GB iPod Nano Black
27. Creative Zen V 1 GB Portable Media Player (White/Orange)
28. RCA Lyra RD1072 256 MB Personal MP3 Player
29. Apple 2 GB iPod Nano Black
30. Machspeed Trio 512 MB MP3 Player
31. Creative Zen Vision W 30 GB Widescreen Multimedia Player (Black)
32. Creative Zen Nano Plus 1 GB MP3 Player Red
33. Creative Zen Nano Plus 1 GB MP3 Player (Blue)
34. miJam Drummer (BX775)
35. Apple 30 GB iPod video White (5th Generation)
36. Nextar MA933A-2B 256 MB Digital MP3 Player Blue
37. iRiver T10 512 MB MP3 Player with FM Tuner
38. Creative Zen V 1 GB Portable Media Player (Black/Orange)
39. Apple 60 GB iPod video White (5th Generation)
40. Toshiba MES60VK Gigabeat 60 GB Portable Media Player (Black)
41. iRiver CXW-2G Clix 2 GB Digital Music and Video Player, White
42. Creative Zen Sleek Photo 20 GB Multimedia Player (Aluminum/White)
43. Machspeed Trio 1 GB MP3 Player Voice Recorder Thumb Drive
44. Palm LifeDrive Mobile Manager
45. Zune 30 GB Digital Media Player (White)
46. Creative Zen Vision:M 30 GB MP3 and Video Player (Green)
47. Apple 30 GB iPod video U2 Special Edition Black (5.5 Generation)
48. Creative Zen V 2 GB Portable Media Player (Black/Green)
49. Creative Zen V 4 GB Portable Media Player (Black/Blue)
50. Creative Muvo V100 2 GB MP3 Player White

Full list here.
Welcome to the social, indeed.

CBS’s Late Late Show’s Craig Ferguson cover’s the Zune launch:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Whit” for the heads up.]

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  1. There is a simple explanation for this – Zune users are thieves.

    They’re not buying Zunes, they’re STEALING them. How else could you explain the fact that despite the ENORMOUS AWESOME COOLNESS of the Zune, no one is buying them? I can only imagine a rash of Zune theft is taking place all over the country RIGHT NOW. People can’t wait to save up $250, or to get one for Xmas, so obviously they’re knocking over Circuit City and Fry’s everywhere to get their fix.

    Welcome to the Social Distortion. Cake or death?


    MW: ‘for’ (a few dollars less, you could just stick forks in your eyes)

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