Apple Computer makes the world more pleasurable, tasteful, beautiful; they’ve added a touch of grace

“I have right here in my hot little hands, which actually aren’t all that little and are only slightly warm at the moment, a brand-new, lick-ready, smooth-as-love Apple MacBook Pro with Core 2 Duo Super Orgasm Deluxe Modern Computing Device Designed by God Herself,” Mark Morford writes for The San Francisco Chronicle.

“What, too much? Whatever. Because this is now the thing: Apple is now deep, deep, deep in the public consciousness, deeper than it’s ever been, what with tens of millions of iPods doing more to help the coolest tech brand in the world slip effortlessly inside every cultural nook and cranny and luggage compartment and automobile and airline and Christmas wish list than anyone ever thought possible,” Morford writes.

Morford writes, “And this new MacBook line (along with, to a lesser degree, the charming iMacs) has only served as an incontrovertible anchor, serious proof that the iPod is no fluke and that there is real thought and muscle and Zen-like joy behind the brand, and as an owner of one of these new Core 2 Duos, I am here to tell you that these hot little MacBooks are full of sound and fury, signifying everything.”

“Deny it at your peril: The company’s much-lauded design ethos has become so refined, tactile, thoughtful, its overall look and feel so much more hip and attuned and helpful than just about any other major gadget manufacturer in the entire world, you swear you hear some sort of harmonious cosmic hum when you open the surprisingly gorgeous packaging,” Morford writes.

“I ain’t talkin’ global warming. I don’t mean they’ve solved world hunger or cured cancer or ended racism or muzzled Ashlee Simpson. But I do mean something that, in its way, is nearly as profound: They’ve managed to make the world just a bit more pleasurable, tasteful, beautiful. They’ve added a dash of that rarest of human qualities, especially when talking about factory-made tech stuff: They have added a touch of grace,” Morford writes.

Much more in the full article here.


  1. you said it, John. FOr once it’s nice to read an article that isn’t restrained by some sort of overbearing cloud that says you’re not allowed to give the Mac Books the props they really deserve.

    And by the way, the new naming scheme is working great for Apple. Mac Books – so much better than iBooks.

  2. Nice to see enthusiasm, but “tastes of hope and sex and candy”? “Harmonious cosmic hum”? I think that Mark’s “SO” might just be his new MBP. I’m not sure the warranty covers, well…

    Although there might be something to that ‘hum’ thing –

  3. Blimey!

    Working on my MBP, I can’t disagree, though I do prefer women for my physical pleasures.

    And my G5 iMac is having a slight *issue* with seeing inside some folders.

    Still, if I gotta stare at a screen I might as well agree with His Superorgasmo, the well pleased MM.

    Enjoy your weekend everyone. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool smile” style=”border:0;” />

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