Will Apple zune on Microsoft’s party by launching widescreen wireless iPod on Monday?

“While the US is one of the biggest markets in the world, it’s not the only market that’s important. Even so, Microsoft has limited Zune to the US for now, completely annihilating the possibility of major worldwide traction for Zune purchases. Sure, someone could order one from a US website, but few will bother unless they’ve got cash to burn,” Alex Zaharov-Reutt writes for iTWire.

“Me? I’m an iPod user. I think they’re the best things since sliced bread and the CD player. I’ve used many other competing mp3 players, and unless you’re an experienced computer user, and then even if you are, the system to transfer music across is just painful and ugly,” Zaharov-Reutt writes.

Zune’s “larger screen is definitely a bonus, but when Apple launches their oft-rumored widescreen model, the Zune’s screen will look paltry in comparison,” Zaharov-Reutt writes.

MacDailyNews Note: Zune’s screen is larger, but it’s resolution (320×240) is exactly the same as Apple’s current iPods which results in a grainer image for Zune vs. iPod.

Zaharov-Reutt writes, “The Zune has a long way to go to prove itself. Microsoft has already tried very, very hard to crack the digital music market. Anyone remember the Creative Portable Media Center? Or what about all those iRivers and Samsungs and Toshiba Gigabeats he’s held up at CES keynote speeches and other events over the years?”

Zaharov-Reutt writes, “Apple might release their widescreen iPod on Monday to spoil Microsoft’s party. I’ve no idea if they will or not, but whenever they do, the global news will be Apple Apple Apple.”

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Wouldn’t that be something if Apple zuned all over Microsoft’s big Zune splash?

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  1. Why would Apple need to give MS an excuse for a bomb. better to let them show everyone the colour off their money and then, after they have secured another big holiday season sales number from the existing line up, release a whole new generation in the new year. Which will drive the nail into the zune coffin

  2. Beating Apple at its own game would be difficult if not impossible under the best of circumstances. I truly do not understand why M$ would bring out a player with so many OBVIOUS disadvantages compared to the iPod. If it wasn’t quite as obvious how much better the iPod was, I could understand it, but the iPod is clearly better to anyone who has reviewed the Zune.

  3. Zune launches.
    Zune has, at best, lukewarm sales based on curiosity or mental instability from purchasers. Returns reduce overall sales figures to a level where lukewarm would be considered good.
    – IF Apple begins to sense any real competition they cut prices or increase capacity, something they can easily do due to their efficient engineering and healthy margins.
    After watching the zune suffer for a while they put it out of its misery and launch an updated iPod device which completely blows it and everything else out of the water.

    Did I miss anything?

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