Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Apple has no need to worry about Microsoft’s cumbersome, chunkier Zune

“Apple, you’ve made us addicts. You’ve spoiled us for all others. So don’t worry about Zune crashing the party and stealing us away from you. It’s not going to happen. Believe us,” Athima Chansanchai reports for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

“For most, the advantages of dumping the iPod and taking up with the Zune aren’t enough to offset the potential cost of such a dramatic change of heart,” Chansanchai reports. “You can’t transfer anything you bought from iTunes, including the ever-growing selection of TV shows and movies available at that site. But the Zune has its own twisted code of honor. It won’t even play songs bought through Microsoft’s own partners, such as Napster or MTV’s Urge.”

“The differences start with the scroll wheel. Apple’s patented design makes everything else seem cumbersome. All the commands are built into it. In addition to a back button and a play/pause button, Zune has a navigational tool that at first looks like a scroll wheel, but it’s a four-directional clicker that seems to plod along when you’re trying to find something fast, even though holding it down makes things zoom by efficiently enough,” Chansanchai reports.

“iPod really swept us off our feet with its design. It’s sleek, simple and stylish. Those accustomed to the slimmer iPod may balk at the heft of the Zune, which is comparable to the second- or third-generation iPods. Once you’ve passed that stage, it’s hard to go back,” Chansanchai reports.

“The Zune is chunkier than the video iPod and, while the size of the screen is impressive at first… it’s a good picture — until you put it next to a video iPod. Then, bigger doesn’t equal better, not when the picture on the iPod is so much sharper, the details jumping out in their crispness, the colors infusing the action with life,” Chansanchai reports. “Microsoft ripped off the basic shape and design of iPod’s distinctive buds, only theirs are in black. Way to be original, Zune.”

Chansanchai reports, “So, we hate to send a Dear Zune after such a brief courtship, but at the end of the night there is no doubt who we’re going to go home with.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “nick” for the heads up.]
As reader “nick” said in his heads up email: No love for Zune even in Redmond’s back yard.

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  1. I think we are getting ready for the “nothing to see here folks, move along…” posts.

    This is beyond comical for MS.

    Serioiusly were are the positive reviews for Zune?

    Wallstreet Journal: leaning negative
    NYT: laughably negative
    USA Today: laughably negative (from an anti-Apple web site)
    BusinessWeek: negative
    Forbes: laughably negative
    Techweb: negative
    (I am sure there are few others around)

    Even M$’ own
    Seattle Post-Intelligencer: negative
    Channel 9: negative (to be fair, not the Zune, but the music service “Plays for Maybe”)

    engadget: neutral to positive (is this it?)

    Good luck MS, no seriously good luck, and in the immortal words of Doug Adams: “So long and thanks for all the fish…”


    brought to you by MDN word, “stay” as in: M$ please stay around so we can enjoy this comedy.

  2. For a company like this, making so much money already it is mind boggling to me to see how they are trying to be in every market and be so restrictive with their software that they will piss more people off then make happy.

  3. Just saw three Zunes first hand in a Wal-Mart display – OH MY MICROSOFT – they have really out done themselves. With the entire iPod line just around the corner for comparrison shoppers (including the super cool Shuffle G2) the Zune looks like a BRICK. It is MUCH THICKER than the iPod – and significantly longer and wider as well. The screen doesn’t really look that much bigger because the whole thing is so big. It just looks proportionate.

    PS – and no joke, my MDN Magic Word is “larger”

  4. I just ordered a Zune. Gonna gut it, and use the case to hold my 80 GB iPod, my Nano, and my new Shuufle.

    I may spray paint it some lurid color, or leave it the way it is.

    I’ll drag it out ceremonioulsy, and then open it to display my “travel case.”

    This is going to be fun.

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