Retailer survey forecasts Apple’s iPod nano as best-selling Item for Christmas 2006

“We have conducted a survey on electronics retailers expectations for the hottest selling items for the Christmas selling season this year,” The Channel Checkers reports. “We called major electronics retailers in North America and Western Europe. The question we asked was simple: What do you expect to be the best selling item this Christmas selling season?

The Channel Checkers reports, “The iPod was mentioned by 29% of the respondents in our survey. Our results surprised us somewhat as the iPod was mentioned most often and the new iPod nano specifically mentioned most often.”

Nintendo’s Wii and Sony’s Playstation 3 tied for 2nd, mentioned by 20% of the survey’s respondents.

Full article here.

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  1. Has anyone else heard you could buy music at the zune store with points?


    You only need 79 points for a song at the zune store, but Apple charges 99¢ for a song. What a rip.

    And another thing about the zune music player: the volume goes to 11. That’s 1 LOUDER than 10. Whatcha gonna do about THAT Apple?

    Gonna be a lot of iPods returned December 26.

  2. Not the Zune!?!?!

    But, you can social and squirt…and it comes in turd-brown! Apparently, dogs like it, too.

    Didn’t know about the 11 thing – good tip. Those fools at Apple hadn’t even THOUGHT of that yet, I’m sure.

    I can’t wait to watch the video content that the Zune store doesn’t have and the device isn’t set to play yet. Man, this Zune is sssssssweet. This will really be a blow to Apple.

  3. The new Microsoft cash system will work by adding money to an account, as with a prepaid phone card. Points will then be deducted from the account with each purchase. A single song will cost 79 points, “the equivalent of 99 cents,” according to Microsoft spokeswoman Kyrsa Dixon.

    The point system is already used in the Xbox Live Marketplace, and Microsoft plans to host other online stores where Microsoft points can be redeemed, according to Katy Gentes, product marketing manager for Zune. In the United States, points are available in denominations of $5 for 400 points, $15 for 1,200, $25 for 2,000 and $50 for 4,000. That makes $1 worth about 80 points.

    MW–dead—no comment.

  4. To introduce the companion Zune Pass music service, the device will come preloaded with songs, music videos and film shorts from the store. A Zune Pass will cost $14.99 a month, or $44.97 for three months.

  5. Zune TAng is clueless! Prime candidate for MS bafflegab.

    I am always suspicious of any “points” system or similar idea, which uses arbitrary conversion factors to convert real money into a pseudo-currency. Since 79 points is not actual money, why not use a round number? Like 50, or 100? The whole point is to provide a disconnect in what you are actually spending. Why doesn’t MS make a song cost 120 points? With 120 points equal to 99 cents. Well, obviously because everyone would then think that a song costs $1.20. This is the old pricing things at the 99 point rather than the even dollar, we think things cost a bit less. $1.99 instead of $2.00, or $249.00 instead of $250.00. Appearance of savings with no real benenfit.

    This MS points system is cynical trickery and thievery writ large. But then there will be those who fall for it! It’s no wonder MS treats their customers and/or the general public as stupid sheep. It’s worked for them so far.

    I believe the pay-in-advance points system is used by Tracfone as well. I have heard them described as the lowest of the low in the cell phone business. MS in good company I guess.

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