Are 58% of iPod owners really thinking of a Zune switch?

“Recently ABI Research conducted a survey where it touted that some 58% of iPod users would consider a switch to a Zune within the next 12 months. The tagline has been passed around online,” Tobias Buckell reports for BloggingStocks.

“However, looking carefully at the study’s methodology, worries about the iPod’s marketshare diminishing drastically are set aside in favor of questions about the study itself. Dig this: the number was reached by showing participants a picture of the Zune media player and then ‘other competitive media players’ and being asked if they would pick the Zune,” Buckell writes.

Buckell writes, “The specific mention of an iPod is not in the language. Tell you what, show me a picture of a Zune next to a turd and I’ll be 100% likely to indicate a Zune preference, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to buy one. We’d like to see a little more detail about the survey in question before panicking just yet.”

Full article here.

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  1. I believe that they asked if they would consider the Zune. When I go shopping, I “consider” a lot of options. You’d be unwise not to consider the options that are out there, either prior to shopping or during shopping. However, “considering” and “highly likely” are two very disparate ideas.

  2. Surveys cost money to conduct. That is why they have sponsors. They need someone to pay the bill. So fif the sponsor has an agenda, the surveyor will shape the survey to satisfy the sponsor’s agenda.

    In this case, MSFT (who I’m sure paid for the survey) wants to create an atmosphere among player users that the Zune is more desireable than the iPod. Hence a survey with wording/methodology that isn’t objective.

  3. Nothing “just yet” about it the potential threat.

    Just show me another company that has hardware/software/design/innovation and common sense galore that Apple has..? It has new products lined up like ducks waiting to be shot. suggestions then. (, Sony..yesterday maybe, MS…absolutely not)

    iPod is safe. Very safe.

  4. Jim, Mr Ballmer just pulled Zune out of his ass, why would he put it back up there?

    A better suggestion would be to put it up the ass of Bill Gates or possibly the CEO of Creative.

    Still if you’re stuck on Ballmer doing an ingest, how about if he swallows it? Now that would have some scientific merit also, we’d all learn if Zune is toxic.

  5. Chances are the respondents thought the Zune WAS an iPod if all they were shown were pictures.

    The white and black ones superficially look like iPods as long as their brickish depth isn’t shown.

  6. I have 2 iPods and will be buying the iPhone/Widescreen Video if it’s anywhere near as cool as it looks like it will be.

    I am not considering a Zune at all.


    MW: ‘clearly’ (was ANYONE thinking clearly as Zune marketing meetings?)

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