Microsoft warns of new critical Windows zero-day flaw, hackers exploiting flaw in live attacks

“Microsoft has released a security advisory with workarounds for a critical zero-day vulnerability affecting Windows users and warned that malicious hackers are already exploiting the flaw in live attacks,” Ryan Naraine reports for eWeek.

“The vulnerability is caused by an unspecified error in the XMLHTTP 4.0 ActiveX Control and is rated “extremely critical” by security alerts aggregator Secunia, in Copenhagen, Denmark,” Naraine reports. “Affected software includes Windows 2000 (including Service Pack 4), Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1.”

“According to an alert from IBM’s ISS X-Force, hackers are already using the Internet Explorer browser as an attack vector. ‘These exploits target Internet Explorer through a vulnerable ActiveX control. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability may result in remote code execution,’ the Atlanta-based company said,” Naraine reports. “All supported versions of Internet Explorer are vulnerable, including the newly released IE 7.”

“Microsoft confirms the flaw could use IE to trigger code execution attacks and warned that banner advertisements and other methods of distributing Web content could also be dangerous,” Naraine reports. “It is the second major zero-day confirmed by Microsoft during the past week. On Nov. 1, the company issued a warning for an ‘extremely critical’ vulnerability in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 that could put users at risk of remote code execution attacks.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Live attacks? What’re those? We’d much rather do the Macarena than use Windows and Internet Explorer. In fact, we’d rather do just about anything than use Windows and Internet Explorer. If you use garbage software, don’t be surprised when your data get trashed. Can you imagine that, right now, at this very instant, smiling Joe and Jane Six Packs are blissfully exiting Best Buys and Wal-Marts with their new Windows PCs? It never ceases to amaze us.

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  1. Yep, and their number is growing because MSoft owns this business and Apple has failed to fulfill promises about how their stuff ‘just works’.

    Vista will launch a new round of consumer frenzy to Get a PC!

    Apple’s share remains in single digits – except, of course, for thier iPod toys.

  2. Once again, ladies and gentlemen of the MDN site, my apologies for my son’s impudence and rudeness. In addition to his single testicle, his “johnson” is not even a single digit long, hence the animosity he frequently shows you good folks.

    His problem is one of transference, of course, lamenting his lack of “manly prowess” and thence confusing it with Apple’s growing market share.

    Would that anything in HIS world would grow!

  3. Peterson, you really ARE the oddest person I’ve ever come across. Are you a masochist or something? Do you flagellate yourself with ethernet cables, and humiliate yourself by debating with yourself and losing on both sides?

    Just curious.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> (it’s OK, your secret will be safe with us)

  4. According to Bill Gates the problem with Windows isn’t that Windows is inherently insecure, the security problem with Windows is because there aren’t enough talented IT specialists that can patch PCs fast enough.

    Patch me now!

    You see, not only are there too few IT geeks there’s not enough smart IT geeks, Apparently, all the smart ones use Macs now.

  5. This is simple:

    I just want my Macs and Apple’s software to work as well as Steve Job claims.

    I don’t want to have to deal with crashes, freezes, unexpected shut downs, slow-slow-slow performance, and similar annoyances when I am running expensive hardware loaded with pristine software made by the hardware maker – Apple

    I don’t want to have to rebuild permissions, trash preference files, restart, reinstall, run all kinds of maintenance scripts, and call Apple Care to get things to work the way Steve claims it works. Often, poor Apple Care tecks haven’t a clue of how to cure, for example, constant crashes when adding a simple Apple made transition to an Apple made iMovie.

    Since I use both OSes (my employer won’t even let me log my PowerBook onto their wireless network) and, while Mac stuff is better it is NOT a lot better and DOES NOT work as Steve claims.

    I think we ought to hold him to his promises but that’s never going to happen with a bunch of sophomoric, foul-mouth, foolish, blind, and stupid fanatics that make up the Mac main stream customer base.

    Steve loves you because you add to his enormous wealth. He is the modern day P. T. Barnum and you are willing lemmings proving the fact that new ones are being born every minute.

  6. Petey, get your ass in here, boy! I’ve had enough of this sh-t!!

    Now’n, tell me how in the hell do you spell “their”, son!

    I swear, you’ve got about as much sense as your inbred cousins.

    Now quit it, or you know what’ll happen — unless you want another ride tonight on the one-eyed turgid wonder snake, I’d strongly suggest ya stay’s off the interwebs.

    Now where’s yer little sister? . . .

  7. Uh, Peterson, just state your problem with your Mac in specific terms and the people on this site will be happy to help troubleshoot. None of this vague “freezes and crashes” stuff – be more specific! You are either exaggerating or the worldest most unlucky person.

  8. Peterson – why don’t you put your old PowerBook on eBay, sell it, then go back to Windows where everything just works the way you expect it to. You’re gonna blow a gasket if you keep on like this.

    (Extra benefit – all those zero-day exploits will work too, far better than they do on your PowerBook.)

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