Enderle: Microsoft’s Zune could be very successful

“After seeing the Zune offering, no one is more surprised than I am that the majority of potential buyers intend to buy a Zune rather than an iPod in the coming weeks,” Rob Enderle writes for TechNewsWorld. (Please see: Survey: 58% of iPod owners planning another MP3 player purchase will consider Microsoft’s Zune – November 01, 2006)

MacDailyNews Take: That’s because Rob’s not smart enough to figure out that any survey can be manipulated or simply fouled up by asking the wrong questions, phrasing queries incorrectly, etc.

Enderle continues, “The ABI survey may simply go to show that those of us in the industry may not always get what the buyer wants. Often, what looks unattractive to us may be attractive to the audience targeted by a specific device.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, the dope doesn’t seem to grasp that surveys are not the Word of God. Far from it. You can make surveys say whatever you’d like. Watch:

Do you think $20 per US citizen is enough for our national parks?
• Yes
• No
• Don’t know

You’ll get plenty of answers to this question, but only a very small percentage of respondents will actually be informed enough to know if $20 per person is too little, too much, or just the right amount. Now, let’s load up the question:

Given that the federal defense budget exceeds $1800 per US resident, do you think $20 per US citizen is enough for our national parks?
• Yes
• No
• Don’t know

Imagine how the numbers would skew! See, you can make a survey say whatever you’d like. No, we don’t expect Enderle to be able to comprehend it even after our excellent and very simple exposition.

Enderle continues, “With increasing reports of iPod problems and the arrogant response to the Random Shutdown Syndrome annoying many of the Apple loyalists, maybe it isn’t surprising that folks want to switch.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, “folks want to switch” to Zune because a small percentage of iPods and MacBooks had some issues that Apple is or has already addressed. And, since when is a firmware update an “arrogant response?” Rob “No Proof” Enderle just makes it up to suit whatever he’s ranting about that day. We once wrote, “Picking apart these Enderle messes sometimes makes us feel bad; it’s like taunting the retarded.” We meant it.

Enderle continues, “Of course, the survey could simply be designed to make Microsoft executives who made a bad decision look smart before the reality of actual sales sets in. Surveys that don’t require the actually spending of real dollars are relatively unreliable anyway. However, it is also true that tastes change, and while Apple’s designs may be Porsche at the core, kids are actually buying Scions, which are closer to the Zune in terms of core design elements.”

MacDailyNews Take: Okay, so Enderle actually does seem to get it that survey’s like ABI’s aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on, yet that didn’t deter him from making it central to his whole piece. Then he launches into a horrible car analogy. iPods are “Porsches?” Since when does “Porsche” dominate the automobile market as Apple dominates the portable media player market with iPod? Since when does a Porsche cost less than a Scion as iPod does vs. Zune? Enderle sometimes gets so nonsensical and illogical that he just evokes pity. And yet, certain judgement-impared outfits continue to pay him to write about and comment on tech matters.

Enderle continues, “So, the survey could be right and Zune could, in fact, be very successful, which would make for a very interesting end to a very interesting year.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: After Enderle seems to understand that surveys can be designed to report back whatever you’d like, he closes with, “So, the survey could be right and Zune could, in fact, be very successful.” His whole piece is, as usual, baseless. And, we’ve already explained why, in the Zune vs. iPod bout, Apple cannot lose and Microsoft cannot win.

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  1. So, the zune could be successful… or it might not be. Brilliant. What a find most laughable is that a lot of these people hyping the zune up seem to think that the first version will wipe the floor with the iPod despite not being demonstrably better in any real way. What’s worse is that even if we accept for a second that the zune will be a success, you still have to accept that apple would then just have to bump up the specs of the iPod a bit, reduce the price or both and they’d pull ahead again. If they went one step further and radically improved the iPod with a proper video version of some sort then they’d pull out even further ahead. Unless the zune was this amazing wonder device (which, even at best, it is not), the iPod won’t just die out – Apple, users and many third party developers have too much invested in it.

  2. I’m a total Mac addict, but if the Zune were Mac compatible, I’d seriously consider switching… However, I’m sure that Apple will advance the iPod to include the advantages of the Zune and more.

    So, I’ll wait…but will be tempted in the meantime.

  3. This guy represent what Berners-Lee is saying about the net: it could become a dangerous tool for the dissemination of misinformation and brainwashing.

    Enderle is putting words into our mouths, who said ‘Apple loyalists are annoyed with Macbook shutdowns’.

    The guy just skews, skews and skews, well beyond breaking point.

  4. By February or March of 2007 I think we’ll be able to clearly separate opinion from fact in the Zune challenges iPod arena. I honestly don’t believe that MS will be the one to level the personal media player playing field, it will almost certainly be a brand new start up from somewhere.

    Right now no one is manufacturing a truly new and innovative product, everybody just wants to beat Apple and that’s simply not good enough. Its pretty ridiculous when you step back and look at it.

    If you want a real shot at really competing with the iPod you’re going to have to come up with something really new (as in never seen before as opposed to rehashing Apple’s ideas), really innovative, and something that oozes quality, but is still affordable.

    In short, these are skills that MS has never had – period. How could they? They’ve never had any real competition, and now that they’ve got some, they are clueless.

    If Apple comes out with a serious update to their iPod product line it will KILL the Zune. And you can go to the bank on that.

  5. Enderle is an idiot, but guys, don’t underestimate this. I don’t believe by any stretch of the imagination that MS will take over the music market, but that doesn’t mean they won’t make a dent. Zune is a piece of shit (hey, brown color – how apropo) but it will sell a lot initially. After all, they are spending zillions on marketing this electronic turd, and it will appeal to many, many idiots (like Enderle).

    But then again, it’s appeal will be short-lived, because come MacWorld (or sooner) there will be an iPod that will blow away anything the Zune has to offer. So whatever initial buzz the Zune may generate will die quickly. Wait until all the bullshit people will be putting up with with Windows Visturd and people will come running to their neighborhood Apple Retail store.

    One last thing – Enderle is the biggest F-head in the industry. He knows absolutely nothing about the business. I have been in this business 24 years, and although I am forced to work in the Windows world by the business marketplace, I can tell you beyound a shadow of a doubt Mac OS X is the finest, most elegant operatiing system in the world, and the iPod is the best MP3 player out there. Apple is continuing to innovate, and MS is continuing to copy Apple. This time around Apple will have the last laugh. Long term there will be penetration in the business world, and it is not a pipedream to think that Apple can topple MS someday. And this is spoken not by someone who is part of a so-called “Mac cult” – it’s from someone who sees it happening already.

  6. Has anyone seen the jukebox software and store that are supposed to support the Zune system? The iPod is not successfule soley on its hardware merits. iTunes and ITS blend with it for a total music/entertainment immersion. All I’ve seen so far from Zune is the hardware. Is their store open or music management software available for review?

  7. In the original study, 58% of the respondents said that they were ” somewhat likely” or “extremely likely” to choose a Zune over an iPod for their next MP3 player. It didn’t reveal what the proportions of those two groups were, so the “extremely likely” could be a tiny handful. If it was me, I’d answer “somewhat likely” if I thought “looks interesting, if it turns out to be better than an iPod I’d probably get one”. There’s the rub: it has to turn out to be better, which we won’t find out until it’s been on the market for a while. But Enderle interprets that as “intend to buy a Zune rather than an iPod.” Not proven…

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