Apple primed for boost in Christmas sales

“American Technology Research… released optimistic forecasts on [Apple Computer, Inc.] last night,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK.

Evans reports, “American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu told clients: ‘MacBook continues to be the top selling Mac due to its excellent value and solid feature set while MacBook Pro sales have rebounded following the recent refresh to Intel Core 2 Duo processors.'”

“Looking ahead, Wu sees no end of factors which will help Apple continue to boost its business, including: the release of Mac OS X 10.5 next year, the launch of iTV, the introduction of movies for sale through the iTunes Store from studios outside of Disney, new iPods, the fabled ‘iPhone’ and more,” Evans reports.

Full article here.


  1. Attention Christmas shoppers!

    Buy all these things you want but don’t expect them to “just work”. They don’t just work. They have many, many problems and you are being misled to thinking they are not like PCs.

    True, they are better than PCs, but that doesn’t mean they have not problems.

    They DO NOT “just work”.

  2. What a ridiculous outburst from “iLie Mac”..!

    Apple tops all the customer satisfaction polls, and then read myriads of reports on how trouble free the lives of people who switched from Windows have become.

    Of course there are glitches and failures from time to time, but heavens above, there is no comparison.

    “Attention Christmas shoppers, ignore the silly anti-Apple folk who must learn not to bark up the wrong tree so often…

  3. don’t know why mac detractors are checking on this website. but now i think of it, reminds me of those voyeurs – noone wants to bed them, so they end up peering into others’ bedrooms.

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