Parallels and Sentillion partner in desktop virtualization

“As Sentillion begins to roll out its next release of its desktop virtualization solution, it seems as though it won’t be powered by VMware any longer,” David Marshall reports for InfoWorld.

Marshall reports, “According to the announcement, Parallels and Sentillion have entered into a strategic partnership designed to address the costs, complexities and performance of desktop virtualization technology and radically improve the end user experience. The agreement has Sentillion vBusiness embedding Parallels Workstation for Windows into its vThere offering.”

“Parallels is a company with recent fame for delivering Parallels Desktop for Mac – the first solution to market that allows Mac users the ability to run Windows and OS X simultaneously on a single Intel-powered Apple computer,” Marshall reports. “This new partnership will allow Parallels to break out of the desktop solution and enter the enterprise-class solution arena.”

Full article here.


  1. @Martin:

    Some people need Windows for very specific tasks, or maybe because they’ve just switched from Windows and aren’t totally comfortable with OS X yet. In that case, it can kinda help people move from one OS to another gradually over time.

  2. Not being employed by an “enterprise” firm, and never using Windows software, I have no idea who Sentillion is. But with Parallels partnered with them, they must bring something to the table. In the press release that something is “enterprise” customers.

    This could bode well for Apple.

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