Greek Mac users urge Apple to launch dedicated Greece business unit

“Greek Mac users are revolting – launching a new protest website that demands Apple launch a dedicated Apple Greece business unit,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK.

Evans reports, “The Greeks are upset that Apple, like many computer manufacturers, has no dedicated Greek presence. The company doesn’t even offer a Greek version of its website.”

Evans reports, “They have even launched a petition to lobby Apple to address this. This has attracted 349 votes so far.”

Full article with links here.


  1. Ok, say it 12 times as fast as you can…

    “Greek Geeks, Greek Geeks, Greek Geeks, Greek Geeks, Greek Geeks, Greek Geeks, Greek Geeks, Greek Geeks, Greek Geeks, Greek Geeks, Greek Geeks, Greek Geeks.”

    MDN magic word= “Hard” yep.

  2. There’s always the question of “how small an audience is too small?”. My wife was in a play recently where the cast was larger than the audience. But, the actors didn’t expect to get paid – nothing unusual, there. Apple expects to make a profit. We expect Apple to make a profit. Does Apple need to hire a Greek-fluent Web-designer to update that part of their site? Would that geek be the Greek Business Unit?
    How many Macs would Apple have to sell in Greece to support even that minimal expense? Fingers and toes time:
    * cost of employee salary + office + benefits + server = $100,000/yr
    * profit on typical Mac = $250
    * break-even point = 100,000/250 = 400 Macs
    OK … I confess – I made those numbers up. Apple makes more on each Mac that isn’t a ‘mini’ and that $100k is maybe a little low. But can you even call a single mid-level geek a “business unit”? Figure a “business unit” doing little more than focusing on translation and supply questions will cost five times that, even if it doesn’t include a ‘project manager’ or the like but is instead just a line item on a generic manager’s budget. Now we are up to “thousands of Mac sales” – just to break even. Do Greeks buy thousands of Macs every year? Would they buy additional thousands of Macs yearly if Apple spent this kind of money to appease them?

  3. Dion,

    I have to agree with Gavron — your comments reflect your ignorance / immaturity.

    I am Greek-American and have several cousins in Greece that use Mac’s in the University where they work. They themselves have said, however, that the lack of Apple’s (the company) presence makes it tough for them to convince others about the advantages of the Mac platform. European sales of Macs are on the rise — why shouldn’t Apple do what it can to continue that trend? (Maybe the size of that particular market isn’t considered “worthwhile” enough, but, every little gain in customers is a step in the right direction for Apple).

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