Enderle: Apple may surprise Microsoft with early Mac OS X Leopard launch in January

“Based on the chatter I’m seeing it appears very likely that Apple is preparing a little surprise for Microsoft at MacWorld which happens at the same time as the Consumer Electronics Show in January. While Microsoft and partners will be talking about Vista in advance of the launch of that product at CES, Apple, along with Intel, will be launching Apple’s version of the Media Center with iTV and Leopard. That’s right — Leopard. It looks like this puppy is nearly ready if I’m reading the signs right — and Apple is clearly setting up for something big,” Rob Enderle writes for TechNewsWorld.

It appears that Apple and Intel are “collaborating to do the Media Center right, and if they hit the target as well as they did with the iPod, which is likely, they could actually have a second massive success on their hands,” Enderle writes. “Intel’s part goes beyond the chip and appears to contain elements of Viiv, if not all of that platform.”

Enderle writes, “So, if you are into technology, particularly if you are into Apple, you’ll want to hang around MacWorld in January for the Apple pre-Vista surprise party!”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “norm e.” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Enderle seems to have picked up on some recent rumblings of an Apple January Surprise. We still think that Apple would get the most PR bang by releasing Leopard after Vista, not before. Let the media compare Mac OS X Tiger to Windows Vista first, Apple has nothing to fear there. After Tiger gets its last round of well-deserved kudos, drop Leopard and let the media do their head-to-head articles all over again. By doing the Leopard launch that way, Apple would win twice instead of just once.

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  1. quite true.
    and very non-abrasive commentary, which is nice ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    i’d bet they’ll go your route, as it just seems sensible, PR wise.

  2. Actually, the media seems to be obsessed with setting it up as a Vista vs. Leopard competition, so I’m worried that the public will think Apple was late to the party, rather than 3-4 years ahead of MS.

  3. Even if they would somehow benefit from coming out earlier, I don’t see that the benefit could ever be so great that it would be worth rushing (for want of a better word) it out like that as opposed to giving themselves a few months more testing/development time.

  4. I agree totally… wait ’til AFTER Vista.. .that is unless it’s delayed and delayed and delayed…

    It WOULD be nice for Apple to release whatever Media Center Software they may have store in January(only because I want it NOW!) …. but not Leoapard

  5. Did anyone debunk his thing about the Firmware update making the processor of new MacBooks/MacBook Pros slower? I’d love to see him proved wrong, again.

    It’s kind of like seeing the Oakland Raiders lose. Since they won this weekend, I need something to go “ha ha ha” at.

  6. I disagree. Releasing Leopard after VISTA would not be a good thing. First of all, that would mean Leopard would never be released because who the heck knows when Microsoft will release Vista. Second, tech writers are NOT going to know the difference between Tiger and Leopard and Vista. They can’t even write about the Mac intelligently, what makes you think they’ll be able to handle a three-way comparison? Nah. Release it now cause I want it now. I don’t give a hoot about Vista and Microsoft is going to publicize the heck out of it. It won’t matter. The general population will fall all over themselves to get Vista.

  7. release Leopard before. If you have any idea how this country’s attention span works, then your going to want to get the first word. Yes, WE know Tiger is better but it isn’t new. Vista and Leopard are new. The two need to go head to head. There are no round twos when it comes to this stuff. Release Leopard so it gets the first media hype and than everything that Vista provides will have already been done and than some. I say Apple releases Leopard in January, no question.

  8. I’m pretty sure I said the same thing in this forum maybe a month ago. Oh, and include the MDN Take in that. Not that I’m “in the know” or anything … but Leopard looked “close to done” at the Developers’ Conference. Add in that Apple started distributing developer copies last week and we’re looking at “it’s close” and “now it’s a business decision”.

    As for the MDN Take … chances are good that Apple will announce ahead of Vista delivery – the delivery date set after the Vista delivery. Just as posited … to get double the bang out of it. The first round of comparisons would be against Tiger, with mention of “promised Leopard features”, and the second round (the following magazine cycle) would be against Leopard itself. The first would be pretty much a wash – remember these are Windows types and both favor MS and don’t much trust pre-launch hype from anywhere but Redmond – while the second round will include a month of familiarity with Vista (breeding contempt) and proof of the actual Leopard feature set.

  9. It’s all just a bunch of guessing and speculation. I love Apple tech and can’t wait for the next release but thimble brains like this writer put me to sleep….uh oh…. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

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