Apple Macs can run more software than Windows PCs

“While the public perception is that Macintosh users are a world apart from mainstream computing, the Mac and PC worlds appear to be drawing closer together as technology continues to converge. Even though Apple software sells to a much smaller user base than Windows products, Macintosh users generally face no shortage of business and productivity software options,” Jack M. Germain reports for MacNewsWorld.

Germain reports, “Macintosh software remains very viable for small business and enterprise users, according to Yankee Group analyst Laura DiDio. This is especially the case for vertical applications targeting graphics, art, marketing and advertising professionals. ‘It also works just fine for general purpose office applications, though in the past, the price premium associated with Macintosh desktops and laptops was a gating factor in more widespread deployment,’ DiDio told MacNewsWorld.”

Germain reports, “Part of the reason for Apple software products’ staying power is that Macintosh computers have run mainstream Windows-based applications like Microsoft Office for years, she said. Perhaps a bigger reason for Apple’s viability is that both Macintosh systems and their software are extremely user-friendly. ‘This makes it easy for individual end users to self-manage their Macs,’ DiDio emphasized. ‘However, it should be noted that any organization that deploys a large contingent of Macs and the accompanying Mac OS software and applications is well advised to employ the services of a trained Macintosh IT professional.'”

Germain reports, “The recent deployment of an Intel processor that runs Windows applications, coupled with the release of Apple’s Boot Camp software, adds a new horizon to traditional Macintosh-only software. Apple’s Boot Camp installs Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system in a partition on the Mac hard drive. This gives Mac users the option of booting up either with OS X or Windows XP… Prospective customers will still pay a 15 percent to 20 percent premium compared to the average Intel/Windows-based PC or laptop, DiDio acknowledged, ‘but the price breaks are a start.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Ms. DiDio, please spec out comparable machines and show us where Apple customers “will still pay a 15 percent to 20 percent premium over an Intel/Windows-based PC or laptop.” We’re waiting. Plus, doing a shortsighted and rather simpleminded Mac vs. PC hardware-only comparison is just plain silly as it fails to factor in the Mac’s unique ability to run Mac OS X and Apple’s best-in-class Mac-only applications!

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  1. macs do still have somewhat of a price premium at the lower end – but hey, you get what you pay for, and i paid a small premium for a computer that’s been rock solid since it arrived from apple back in may.

  2. harpo64

    That price difference will not cover the price of decent antivirus protection over the life of the laptop. All but the most geeky among us need good commercial AV software to protect Windows XP.

    The Mac is a better laptop with a better OS, better bundled software and a lower TCO for 90% of the computer users out there.

    If your brother is that big of a geek tell him to build his own laptop. It’s not that hard and the finished product is better quality than most Dells at half the price of that Toshiba.

  3. Actually Big Al, the point is my brother is NOT a geek. he wants a laptop that can do the basics for the lowest price. he asked me, even knowing I was a mac user, to get some basic advice on what to look for. i did talk to him about the mac, told him if he went to a compusa he could look at both and with a lot of luck talk to salespeople who might be able to help. as i said in my post, he pretty much uses free stuff, although the hp he was looking at did have the anti-virus option (2 years $100), that’s how i started the mac discussion. Of course there’s no guarantee we won’t need anti-virus software at some point, but it’s ceratinly beena money-save so far and something i did mention to him.

  4. Hi Al,

    If you need any help and in the UK, as I am, I might be able to help in person – I run a couple of Mac-based servers supporting an increasing number of Macs and a handful of PCs. If you’re outside the UK, I could offer some help via e-mail – I’ll leave it with you ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Compare an HP V3000T to the black Macbook

    Speced the same (Well the HP has a bigger screen and twice as fast a DVD drive, and a 2GHz Core 2 Duo Processor instead of the Core Duo, but otherwise the same)

    Hp $894
    Apple $1499

    Difference $650

    Premium for Apple 76%

    In basic “Macbook” trim it’s $669, or a 64% premium.

    The “Apples cost no more” argument is getting more tired by the day.

  6. Migrated

    I don’t care if the Mac is more than twice as much money. It works. Windows is crap. MS knows it, we keep buying it and they laugh all the way to the bank. Notice how the abbreviation for Microsoft is the same as a disease. And notice how MS keeps spreading it’s disease to the whole planet and the whole computer world calls us fanatics or cult followers. When will people learn. I am not talking to those who have to use it for work. I am talking to those who choose to use it when they know the massive problems such as malware, spyware, Trojans, and viruses.

    I worked for a company that understands Apple’s strategy. They used it in another field of business. Made millions. I just want the extinguish part to happen much quicker. I told all my windoze pals I would no longer help them fix their windoze computers. I lead them to the apple commercial site. Two converts so far. MS is in a slow fall. I what them to crash now. Billy Bob and chairmister have got to go. They have set technology back atleast 20 years. I hear the name MS and inflame.

  7. “I don’t care if the Mac is more than twice as much money. “

    Great finally an admission Macs cost more. My point exactly. Thanks.

    As to the rest, clearly you’re a ranting lunatic. Get them to up your meds.

  8. “I worked for a company that understands Apple’s strategy. They used it in another field of business”

    If your understanding of the strategy goes something like take your rabid fan base and migrate them step by step onto a platform they claim to detest, all the way getting them to justify to themselves how each incremental step closer is actually a good thing, then you do truly understand Apple’s strategy.

  9. Migrated

    Sounds like your name should be migraine. Did we mac addicts hit a nerve or
    are just excited to hear from us. Why don’t you go by a car with viruses, or any other tech devise. Because you wouldn’t you lunatic. This is what I mean about people who are afraid to change. You probably still think the world is flat because everyone else thinks so. Get an aspirin and don’t call me in the morning.

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