Apple to ship 15.4-inch MacBook next May?

“Apple is gearing up to launch a 15.4in MacBook next May, a year after the Intel-equipped consumer notebook first came to market. So claims a Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia analyst, who also names Taiwanese contract manufacturer Foxconn – aka Hon Hai Precision Industry – as the manufacturer,” Tony Smith reports for The Register.

Smith reports, “Analyst Vincent Chen’s claim was relayed via Chinese-language newspaper the Commercial Times and subsequently through local websites who note the deal, if true, means Asus will see its MacBook orders cut by a third. It’s currently believed to be the exclusive supplier.”

Smith is dubious, as are we, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “raddoc” for the heads up.]

DigiTimes has a report here.


  1. Who cares? By next year all Mac computers will be running new processors, have larger HDs, mor RAM, faster graphics cards, a new chassis, blah, blah, blah.

    I’m convinced tech jounalists/analysts make reports like these because they like to see their name in print. MDN and all the other Mac rags print the crap because the “faithful” will read anything Mac, and the crap drives hits.

    I’d love to see a site that ignored rumors and fluff pieces, and only reported substantative news regarding Apple.

  2. “I’d love to see a site that ignored rumors and fluff pieces, and only reported substantative news regarding Apple.”

    That would be sooooo boring, though…

    Mindless speculation makes the heart grow fonder, after all…

  3. Hey MDN-

    Your pop up ads are talking now? I open an article and have some woman telling me I’ve won and iPod? You’re intentionally subverting Safari’s pop up blocker?? Here’s a suggestion–enough with the obtrusive, limitless, unrelenting advertisements already!! You are driving your readers away. At least this reader. And without people coming to the site you won’t have anyone to sell to, then bye bye business! How about toning it down a little! Please!

  4. I would like to see a subcompact that could be used in conjuntion with a faster desktop. Maybe like a 10 inch screen with no CD drive. You could either get an external CD share one from another computer via Firewire.

  5. There already is so much similar between the MacBooks and MacBook Pro machines. Barriers that used to exist – like dual-screen support sans open-firmware hacks, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth – no longer. There was a 12″ PowerBook which doesn’t exist today, because, well, why? Well why should there be an overlap at 15.4″?

  6. “I’m sick of Apple crippling their products to differentiate them.
    They could’ve provided a widescreen at launch… easily”

    Uh, the 13.3″ MacBook IS A WIDESCREEN, dumby. Check your glasses.

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