Seemingly stupid Apple moves that were actually brilliant

“At the time Apple announced all of the following, the Mac faithful gasped, asked if hell had frozen over, or wondered what reality Steve Jobs was distorting. But in retrospect, all of these seemingly stupid Apple moves were actually brilliant,” Webomatica writes.

Seemingly stupid Apple moves that were actually brilliant:

• The Lisa
• Sacking Steve Jobs
• Buying NeXT
• Killing the clones
• Working with Microsoft
• iMac
• iPod and the iTunes Store
• The Cube
• iPod shuffle
• Moving to Intel

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  1. andy,

    You’re a dumbass. The cube is the most amazing computer ever to have been created. I have a render farm of cubes delegating tasks to be assigned to my mac pro. The setup works like a charm.

  2. Just because a moves works out for you in the end, does not mean it was brilliant. Sacking Steve would be one of those cases. The company went to hell after he left, and it took him years after his return to implement all the cool stuff he brought over with NeXT. Those changes could have occurred years earlier if he’d not been ousted.

    Perhaps they would never have happened at all, either. But that doesn’t mean ousting Steve was brilliant in any way whatsoever.

  3. I have to put a vote in for killing the eMate.

    It was an exciting idea. Lots of schools got on board. Heck I still see them in schools all over. An under-powered mobile device would have only left education stuck in a world of gray scale worksheet learning instead of multimedia creation. I cringe everytime I hear of more palms going into schools.

    Thanks to Apple for getting out of that space and bringing the iBook/MacBook to students.

  4. word,

    i alike the cube also, no need for insults but it sold like crap cause it was underpowered and overpriced for the time, meaning, good idea, actually turned out bad, i was pointing out it was the opposite to what the article is stating, chill out

  5. More praise for the Cube! Way ahead of its time, evidently. Grossly under-appreciated by bean-counter mentalities that can see no further than dollars per MHz.

    When Apple retired the Cube, there was a huge hole in their product lineup that no one talked about. Anyone who wanted one of Apple’s sleek flat-panel displays had to power it with a floor-standing Monster Mac that was total overkill for non-professional users. The Mac Mini should be called “Cube, Jr.”

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