iPod thieves hit Apple employee store again

“iPods are flying off of shelves and out of boxes, but not exactly the way Apple might hope,” Leslie Griffy reports for The Mercury News.

“Nine black 80 gigabyte iPods — about $3,141 worth of high-tech trendiness — were reported stolen from the Apple employee store over the weekend,” Griffy reports.

“An Apple employee-store worker noticed the… iPods were missing during inventory last week, Palanov said. The gadgets weren’t kept under lock there, Palanov said, but rather were out on the sales floor,” Griffy reports. “There are no suspects..”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Michael” for the heads up.]


  1. They get stolen all the time from most of the stores, although usually in lesser amounts at once.

    Just increases brand recognition on the street.

    If Apple really cared to reduce theft (they don’t), they would have them behind glass like XBOX games are at most game stores.

    Apple’s store aesthetics, though, demand that they just be there on the floor, unprotected.

    Steve knows all about Taṇhā. He cultivates lobha. He’s a billionaire because of it.

  2. Apple stores should set up an iMac with the timlapse in iMovie so they can use it as a security camera.

    Heck. they should set up a second, non-secret, one to show buyers that a Mac can be a security camera.

    MW: support. Support the Mac with clever ideas like this.

  3. Employee store? What’s an employee store? Why would Apple need a store dedicated to employees? Would it fly a less-than-minimum-wage “genius” from New York to LA so (s)he can buy a nano?

  4. It’s obvious – Microsoft employee’s credit card records get scanned by Bill and Uncle Fester, so they have to steal iPods in order not to embarrass the mother ship.
    Not even M$ employees want a ZUNE.

  5. Hello Apple visual team – now work with Loss Prevention and stop complaning about shrink numbers at the store. Leaving 50 video iPods in the front unlocked is a bad idea! Apple expects the retail employees to be security also – bah!

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