Get free tickets to this year’s MacExpo in London (October 26-28)

“We’ve been lucky enough to have been offered 100 tickets to this year’s MacExpo at London’s Olympia from this Thursday 26th to Saturday 28th Oct.,” Will Callaghan writes for

Callaghan writes, “It’d be a shame if we have spare tickets left over, so no questions or catches – visitors just have to post how many tickets (up to 5) they’d like.”

More info here:

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Mac Expo London coming October 26th – October 12, 2006


  1. I love all things Mac as much as the next person but even if the entire trip was free its not worth going to the UK until they relax some of those silly security rules! Hell, I say we boycott the entire airline industry until they get their act together – beginning with secruity.


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