Soleil reiterates ‘Buy’ rating on Apple, raises target price

Analysts at Soleil have reiterated their “Buy” rating on Apple Computer (AAPL).

Soleil has raised their target price on AAPL from $85 to $90.

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  1. These guys have slightly bigger cajones than the B of A guys and the JMP Securities guys. Still wondering when any of these ‘analysts’ will tie their predictions to a timeframe. So, it means they simply have no clue, and noticed the big jump last night and today. The underlying fundamentals of aapl haven’t really changed since last month, or the month before that, yet they’re all out of breath predicting something they wouldn’t have been caught dead doing a week ago. Too funny.

  2. “What a clueless mob the anal-ists are.”

    Yep. Welcome to the reality of Wall Street.

    Thing is, when you know a lot about a company and compare it to what the self-proclaimed experts say, the experts are more often wrong than not.

    Although one individual can’t know everything about every sector and company in it, sometimes individuals have special insight into a company. We loyal MDN readers do, and if we’re willing to put our money where our mouths are, we should go with what we know no matter what any “anal-ist” says.

    I have pursued this strategy for the last few years (since summer 2002) and my gains have been, by any measure, spectacular. No doubt many other readers of this board can say the same.

    AAPL has tremendous upside, even from here. We are not looking at the end, we’re just seeing the end of the beginning. There’s still time to get in so if you’re on the fence I encourage you to act before the end of 2006.

    Go long AAPL. Stay through the inevitable temporary downturns. I believe in this company, and so do many of you. Let’s all get rich together!

  3. Arturo,

    you wrote:-

    “Thing is, when you know a lot about a company and compare it to what the self-proclaimed experts say, the experts are more often wrong than not.”

    Well put!

    It was exactly this realization that led me to buy my first few AAPL shares 20 months ago.
    As an Apple freak, it was on sites like this one that I learned this truism. But I didn’t have any money and I’d never bought shares before, so I asked a friend how it was done and borrowed €10,000 from the bank (I’m a Brit living in Berlin) – the original loan has long been paid back, and things are looking good.

    Es lebe Apple!! Vive Apple!!

    Long live Apple!!

  4. Good on ya, Charles.

    We can all be part of the “ownership society” if we want to and are willing to take some risk.

    Anybody thinking about getting in: Consider your personal circumstances carefully and of course don’t do anything stupid. But as our friend Charles has demonstrated, this is how ordinary people build extraordinary wealth.

    Pass on that Starbucks coffee or restaurant dinner. Buy a cheaper, less fashionable car or winter coat. Save your pennies and make your money work for you in the stock market.

    Start where you are and buy what you know.

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