Sirius shares spike in volume on ‘chatter of potential Apple partnership’

“Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. (SIRI) is trading at a session high, up $.10 to $3.93, on a spike in volume. The quick upswing is attributed to “chatter of a potential strategic partnership” with Apple Computers [sic] Inc. (AAPL) according to,” Ant & Sons reported earlier today.

Sirius closed at $3.90, up $0.07, or 1.83% on heavy volume of 36,487,378.

Full article here.

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  1. Sirius (SIRI) continued to gain ground on rival XM Satellite (XMSR) in the third quarter. Sirius added more than 440,000 subscribers, while XM added more than 285,000.

    Sirius currently has a total of 5.1 million subs. XM has 7.2 million.

    Sirius will pass XM sometime before the end of 2007.

  2. If howard sterns days have come and gone, then why has he been making 500 million and has his own channel on PPV?

    Who else can have their own PPV channel and charge $10 per month for it.

    Stern is huge right now.

  3. You negative, ignorant people make me sick. Sirius is doing very very well. XM is 4X larger?? Howard Stern is over?? I can’t beleive you are stupid enough to say that. Sirius is a quality product that is growing much much faster than XM. Sirius is grpwomg while XM is shriveling. Stern is more popular than ever, even without the Clear Channel network. Sirius is positioned very will prosper.

    I understand the comments by those questioning the future of satellite radio. Not sure about that myself, but I think it is just another delivery device, like the internet and TV. It is hard to use either in your car!

    Party down!!

  4. Siriusly,
    subscription radio DOES appeal to those who want more than what is offered by any of the few stations (actually all owned by 2 conglomerates) in any particular genre.

    But gosh, macbones, who could argue with cold, hard facts, such as the ones you present, eh?

  5. Ed,

    I tried to listed to Howard Stern for a week after my mom got SIrius in her car. The guy has NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT except make farting jokes and laugh at retarded people, call them names, and make derogatory comments.

    As you can see, I’m not a big fan.

    As for his numbers and salary… Microsoft makes more than Apple, but we all know that doens’t mean it’s the best or that people love it…

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