The ‘Macs Inside Google Group’ launched

“Macs Inside Google” is a brand new officially created and sanctioned Google Group for Mac users of Google products to discuss the latest news/tips/products posted on the Google Mac Blog. Today’s posting by Scott Knaster, Technical Writer, and Rose Yao, Mac Product Manager in the Google Mac Blog closes thusly: “One of the reasons we started this blog was to give you guys, Google users, the inside scoop on the Mac team here and our products. Another reason was to ask for your feedback and suggestions — so please use this Google Group to talk to us, and thanks.”

So. You like Macs and you like Google, too? And you want to see additional Mac-specific Google features and enhancements? Go join the Macs Inside Google Group, eh? Let ’em know what you would like to have. They’ve set it all up for us to talk to them and they’re paying attention. Go for it!

The Macs Inside Google Group:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “gwm” for the heads up.]

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  1. Hi, TowerTone. But I must sit. O.K.? I thought Donovan was funny. It’s a challenge to turn confluence into humor.

    P.S. I’ve really enjoyed the political fights. Quite amusing. I was raised a Democrat but my heart has no leaks.

  2. Yeah .. the Mac developers over at Google have clearly been making notable efforts recently at announcing their presence and availability with their publication of an official Google Mac Blog and an official Macs Inside Google discussion group.

    My take on all this is that these folks are ready, willing and anxious to do some serious Google related development for us Mac users and that there will likely be no better time than the present to accept and act upon their enthiusiastic request for user input.

    The one thing we Mac users truly need is developers, eh? Well, lo and behold: Here they are .. and at no less innovative a company than Google itself! Nice! We should take prompt advantage of this circumstance and be there for them. This is a really great sounding turn of events, imho.

  3. Google’s all-text pages with advertising are far from user friendly. It’s very MS Windows-like, as if a team of geeky, creatively-challenged, graphically-untalented, programmers designed it. Yea, it has some nice features and functions, but a sea of mono-sized text is not easy to navigate. Placing Apple’s GUI team in charge of the interface would be a huge advancement. It would also give Windows folk a taste of what an intelligent and thoughtful GUI looks like. In addition, I am not too comfortable with internet-based applications and my personal data being streamed through a corporate computer somewhere.

    For now, I am going to let my .Mac account die on the vine because I no longer have a use for it after getting my own domain ( via GoDaddy, and at half the price. I will use the jumble of text-based Google aps if necessary, but for now I just don’t see the innovation and wonder of it all.

    I guess you get what you pay for.

  4. Say M di L B Simoni ..

    Since you’re clearly aware that a sea of mono-sized text in a jumble of text-based Google aps is awkward and unwieldy as well as being markedly unMac like, this might be a good time to be providing that perspective over at the Macs Inside Google Group. I mean, they’re soliciting input, right?

    Want it enhanced? Let them know. They seem to be listening at the moment. Go over and encourage them to do it right.

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