What if Microsoft held a Windows Vista party and nobody came?

“The countdown for the release of Windows Vista keeps ticking, and the expectations—from outward appearances—seem to be growing. The signs are that Microsoft and Vista very early adopters expect some kind of community groundswell to take place around the launch and maybe even before. But based on reader reaction, the event planners should be able to take the day off,” David Morgenstern writes for eWeek.

Morgenstern writes, “Microsoft said it expects that 10 times more seats of Vista will be deployed at launch than were with earlier flavors, with deployment within the first year being twice as quick as that for any other version.”

Morgenstern asks, “But will there be some groundswell of consumer support for Vista? Will folks be lining up the night before, standing in the cold to be the first on their block with Redmond’s next-generation operating system?

“Does Microsoft somehow believe that it can pull the same reaction out of its installed base for an OS update as Apple does with its customers? There is little doubt that Mac OS X users will be lining up outside Apple stores next year when Tiger [sic] ships,” Morgenstern writes. “Based on customer expectations in my mailbox, no way. Microsoft expectations for an immediate win in the numbers game may be heading for disappointment.”

“For some readers Vista is just too much trouble, especially in business. The ROI in the upgrade is difficult for some customers to see at this time,” Morgenstern reports. “For example, here’s what one IT manager at a “small telecom company” said about the Vista transition: ‘I have just completed upgrading our small office from Win95/Win98 to WinXP, solely because ‘The Boss’ wanted to be able to play videos and connect to an MP3 service. Windows XP buys us nothing that is important to our basic business, and was, to my mind, a waste of time and money. We definitely are not going to move to ‘Vista’ or ‘Longhorn’ or whatever idiotic name Bill Gates comes up with next.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Karwa” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: Morgenstern means Leopard, not Tiger. Mac OS X Tiger shipped on April 29, 2005 and itself bests Microsoft Windows XP SP3, er… Vista with considerable ease. Leopard will obliterate Microsoft’s latest mess.

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  1. OOOOOOOOOOh just opened my new macbook, black and shiny, uber cool, the best cash I’ve spent this year, this is a fiskin’ awesome machine. Nothing in the comuterworld comes close to this little baby.
    Vista is going to compete with this, with what exactly?
    The hardware is perfect, OSX is perfect, the price is perfect and you can drop microshite on it.
    For my kids photobooth is worth the price alone.
    Who would buy anything else, except an iMac for the same price.
    Apple needs to advertise the mac and not the pod, except the new shuffle which will sell by the squillion.
    Just my simple 2p

  2. “…here’s what one IT manager at a “small telecom company” said about the Vista transition: ‘I have just completed upgrading our small office from Win95/Win98 to WinXP,…”

    Now that’s just sad.

  3. Windows 95 and Windows 98 were sad, pathetic jokes that weren’t even real operating systems. XP was barely functional. Now Vista brings Windows to the level of pleasant to use and semi-cool (I’ve checked out RC1 and I actually do like it quite a lot). Leopard of course will beat the pants off of it though.

    This small telecom IT guy sounds like he should be in a different line of work. What about such things as usability, security, stability, and application platform possibilities? I wouldn’t be surprised if he thought GUIs are kind of silly and we should still be using DOS command line software.


  4. Add in all the ridiculous licensing restrictions that Vista has revealed and WHY the hell would anyone want to upgrade anything to it ?

    You can reinstall ONCE ? Get real.
    You can transfer it ONCE ? If I swap a motherboard that’s one and if I do that again I have to buy a new license. Bullshit.

    I’m pretty sure we’ll see people challenging these oppressive license restrictions as the draconian measures they are

  5. I think we should give Microsoft a big round of applause for re-confirming with every move they make just how pitifully inept they really are. Steve Ballmer should apply for a job as a clown in the circus.

  6. I’m afraid that the average Joe out there will think Vista looks “cool” because they have never seen or used OS X. Apple really needs to advertise OS X’s features and look so that folks won’t complain that Apple is copying off Microsucks. Watch – it will happen.

  7. dbcoyle: Not only do they recommend that Stan create a password reset floppy disk (yep, floppy disk), but this is what the Create Password help screen says:

    “You are creating a password for stan.
    If you do this, stan will lose all EFS-encrypted files, personal certificates and stored passworded sites or network resources”

    How about that? Poor ole Stan will lose some of his sh_t just to add a password for himself.

    Microsoft is just showing him what “user-friendly” is all about.

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