WKRP reporter blasts Apple’s iPod ‘Problems’

“Quickly. Answer this: Who was the last winner of the Buckeye News Hawk Award? Isn’t it the same WCPO Cincinnati TV reporter who bashes Apple’s iPod for a living? Hmmm. Could be,” Bambi Hambi writes for Mac360.

Hambi writes, I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t WKRP Cincinnati’s colorful Less Nessman win the award a few times? How many?”

“Reporter John ”Don’t Waste Money” Matarese is working hard to win the award this year,” Hambi writes. “He’s already won the coveted Mac360 Jackass of the Week Award.”

Hambi writes, “Back in December of 2005, one of Matarese’s ridiculous reports bashed Apple’s iPods. Tera Patricks, Mac360’s then reigning Queen of Rightly Responses, responded in Typical Tera Fashion™.

Hambi writes, “Today, I received a sassy ‘So There, Bambi!’ email message claiming to be from John of WCPO in Cincinnati.”

“Hey Bambi! Remember me? The “dinosaur” reporter from WKRP in Cincinnati? Guess what? I’m posting a NEW iPod story, even better than my last great one that you guys loved. I know you folks would want to see it. Best of all it comes from Consumer Reports Magazine, so it’s going out to MILLIONS of Americans this month, through their latest issue, and is being broadcast to MORE MILLIONS of people on more than 100 other “dinosaur” TV stations nationwide. Isn’t that great? Enjoy!”

Hambi writes, “What an interesting use of sarcasm from a TV reporter. Uh, John, what’s with all the SHOUTING!!?”

Hambi writes, “JOHN WAS WRITING… uh, sorry. John was writing about his most recent Friday The 13th Psychotic Episode, titled ‘iPOD COMPLAINTS.’ So much to expose, so little time.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “ron” for the heads up.]
We’ve worked in TV stations; many of them. Trust us, most TV reporters have infinitely more problems than any iPod could ever have, regardless of its condition. And Consumer Reports is a joke.

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  1. I have always felt Consumer Reports is a great publication for CERTAIN things. It offers really nice reviews of various appliances and mundane products that no one else would really care to deal with.

    However, I have never agreed with their writing on computer technology. It always seems very superficial and at least partly uninformed. I read many computer magazines and other serious publications, and they always seem to disagree with the Consumer Reports ratings. They’re testing methodologies just don’t seem to be designed for the way computers are really used.

  2. Matarese is a total tool. I once got into an email war with him when he had a ‘consumer alert’ the day Apple discontinued the Cube.

    I think he wanted to slam it just so he could utter the phrase “don’t buy this bad Apple” because he never did give any facts or reason why you shouln’dt buy one. All he said was that Apple was discontinuing the cube and not to “waste your money”

    Woudln’t want facts to get in the way of a good story.

    He’s a tool of the n’th degree. Flame his ass at will.


  3. For the uninitiated, WKRP In Cincinnati was a great TV show from the 1970s, which featured a bumbling but pleasant character, the radio station’s news reporter, Les Nessman. The sharp witted Ms. Hambi is actually Barbara Marie Hambi of Mac360 whose writing partner, Tera Patricks, died of cancer last summer.

    As to the Consumer Reports article and the poorly done “iPOD COMPLAINTS article, the former has troubles, and the latter is trouble.

  4. one more thing…

    “Hambi writes, “What an interesting use of sarcasm from a TV reporter. Uh, John, what’s with all the SHOUTING!!”

    If you’ve ever seen this guy’s reports, you’d know that the caps aren’t shouts, they are spaz attacks. The guy is a total spaz.

  5. About the first thing taught in statistics is that a self-selected survey is useless for inference. Consumer reports does self-selected surveys. So they can make grand statements about . . . just the people who responded.

  6. I still have a Cube going strong. Great computer. Get’s a lot of use at our high end construction company doing accounting work, Filemaker, Word Processing, etc. Not your typical “Macs are only useful for creative types” use. We have over 100 macs going strong. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Windows sucks. That reporter is on MS payroll.

  7. I am from Cincinnati. There is no WKRP there. It is WKRC. I know this reporter even states it in his letter, but I think he was being sarcastic and referring back to her original article. But, I’ve been on the East Coast for 8 years now, so maybe a WKRP was started since 1998.


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