Firefox losing market share to Microsoft Internet Explorer?

“Internet Explorer has regained nearly 3 percentage points of the browser market since July, while Firefox has dropped 1.4 points in the same period, a Dutch Web metrics vendor said Monday,” Gregg Keizer reports for TechWeb.

“The numbers from OneStat contradict data released last week by U.S.-based Net Applications, which said that Microsoft Corp.’s IE continued to slip and Firefox kept up its sure-but-steady gains,” Keizer reports.

Keizer reports, “According to OneStat, IE’s share of the global browser market at the beginning of October was 85.9 percent, several points higher than Net Applications’ 82.1 percent for the Microsoft browser at the end of September. Likewise, OneStat pegged Firefox at 11.5 percent, while Net Applications had it at 12.5 percent.”

Keizer reports, “The biggest difference between OneStat’s and Net Applications’ data, however, was for Apple Computer’s Safari browser. The Dutch company said Safari accounted for only 1.6 percent of all browsers used, less than half as much as Net Applications’ 3.5 percent.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The results are all over the map because it depends upon the sites that whatever firm uses to monitor. For a wild example to illustrate, browser stats for MacDailyNews for October so far show: Safari 61%, Firefox 14%, IE 7% (with other browsers/newsreaders making up the difference).

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  1. I would love to use any browser other than that POS IE but at work during the day I have no choice. Our IT is completely anal and will not install any browser other than IE on our computers. And we will get severely disciplined if we install anything else. I’ve witnessed it happen.

    To further their short sightedness, our HR webpage and all other webpages designed for our company are all IE compatable (translation: poorly written and follow no meaningful web standards whatsoever). I even get an error message when trying to log on to my HR page to view my paycheck in Safari (luckily we have Debug in Safari so I can trick that stupid website to let me in.) I’ve sent in a complaint nearly daily for about a year now.

    In short, yes I’m ashamed I’m using IE, yes I’m fed up with the ignorance of IT all over the place, yes I loathe Windows and all the degredation on our society it has directly caused; however, I have no choice in the matter but love to read MDN. So color me a culprit as I’m a contributor to that 7% but have no choice.

    Magic Word: “did” as in “Did I do something wrong in my life to be punished by having to do a job I love on a computer I absolutely hate?”

  2. I can explain the rise in IE use, it is actually quite simple. Microsoft opened up all these centers where folks are attempting to give the appearance of hype for the Zune MP3 player. These places all must use IE and these employees are doing their job creating websites and posting on website. MS has hired so many of them they are actually impacting useage figures. Must be it, how else could you explain an increase in IE?

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