New .Mac webmail coming?  Apple .Mac ‘temporarily unavailable’ [UPDATED]

.Mac (Apple Computer, Inc.)Apple’s .Mac website is “temporarily unavailable.”

.Mac will be back shortly.
The .Mac service you are looking for is temporarily unavailable while we perform scheduled maintenance. .Mac services are available 24/7 with the exception of short maintenance periods such as this. Currently we are at work to provide you with an even better .Mac experience. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please check back shortly.

Will .Mac’s new webmail rear its pretty head today?

[UPDATE: 2:49pm EDT: The answer to our question seems to be “no, not today.” .Mac webmail is back up with no changes evident.]

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  1. It’s about time Apple did something to .Mac to earn their $99 a year. With Google offering almost 3GB of webmail for free, and .Mac only 250MB, it’s not looking particularly good value. Sync and iWeb integration is nice, but I’m beginning to question whether its $99-a-year-nice.

  2. Reality Check:
    I agree. With a gMail account and a Flickr account, why bother with dotMac anyway?

    There is a way to use gMail account as storage. Also Google is now starting user pages, so users can have their own home page.

    Apple needs to drop the price to about $39.99, in order to make it an interesting deal.

  3. Sorry for the thick Oreo.

    The first time the page refreshed, my comment was not there. So I redid it. I like my second one better anyway.
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  4. I’m still having problems with .Mac as well. And I actually WANT to check my email ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> Good thing it’s not important, but still…

    I guess today could be getting everything “in line” so that tomorrow they can annouce the new Mail and just flip the switch. That way they get to do it on a Tuesday!

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