Apple debuts three new ‘Get a Mac’ ads online [UPDATED]

As seen on, Apple has debuted three new “Get a Mac” ads online. These three ads have been running in Apple Retail Stores as previously reported and are not currently available on’s “Get a Mac” television ad section.

For now, at least, these three new ads seem to be ‘Net-only.

MacDailyNews reader “getamac” has posted all three ads on YouTube:

Get a Mac – “Self Pity” ad:

Get a Mac – “Better Results” ad:

Get a Mac – “Counselor” ad:

UPDATE: 3:50pm EDT: Apple has now added the three new ads to their website:

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  1. I like them. The first makes a great point. The second one is hilarious! The third breaks down the stereotype (THE BIG STEREOTYPE) that mac users are pompous.

    I also like that they now end showing an iMac with some verbiage furthering the point.

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