Parallels Desktop for Mac Update Release Candidate 2 released

Parallels has announced the launch of testing for the Update Release Candidate 2 (RC2) of Parallels Desktop for Mac that gives Apple users the ability to run Windows, Linux or any other operating system and their critical applications at the same time as Mac OS X.

The Update RC2 includes support for the recently released quad-processor Mac Pro towers and 64-bit iMacs.
• No RAM limitations
• No hardware reconfigurations while using Windows and it’s critical applications on new 64-bit Mac Pro towers and iMacs.

Other improvements & fixes that make Parallels Desktop even easier to use:
• New: Compatibility with developer build of Mac OS X 10.5, code-named “Leopard”
• New: Experimental support for Windows Vista
• Solaris guest OS no longer hangs after suspend/resume
• An improved Parallels Tools package
• Full support for OpenBSD 3.8 as a guest operating system
• G4U hard disk cloning tool now works in virtual machines
• Better video output improvement and acceleration
• Added multi interface USB devices support (including Windows Mobile 2005 devices)
• Added isochronous USB devices support (including WebCam devices)
• Keyboard support improvement: Eject CD key support, left/right Shift/Ctrl/Alt (Option)/Windows keys difference support
• Added virtual disk cache policy option: Mac OS X performance optimized or guest OS performance optimized
• Image Tool fixes
• Optimized disk cache policy for Suspend/Resume feature
• Windows ME Suspend/Resume fix
• Shared Folders first time access acceleration
• Clipboard synchronization tool fixes (unreadable symbols sometimes added during copy and paste)
• Sound playback and recording improvement
• “Unable to allocate virtual memory” during virtual machine power on fix

Update RC2 of Parallels Desktop for Mac is free for all existing Parallels Desktop for Mac users. If you’re new to Parallels Desktop for Mac, you can start using improved Parallels Desktop for Mac by downloading and installing the RC2 on a “clean” machine. A free 15-day trial is available.

More info and download link here.


  1. And as long as you don’t install Windows using Parallel’s Desktop your machine will remain “clean”.

    MW = music as in the crumbling of the evil M$ empire will be music to my ears.

  2. This is big stuff.

    You have no idea how great it is to be able to do away with Windows upgrades, AV software definition upgrades, defragging and all that BS. Now I can just use that one indispensable piece of software on Windows in Parallels and do everything else on the Mac OS X side.


  3. fsck windows… im sure there are newbs out there that think they need some crappy app that only werks on windblows but truth is that is bullshit. enterprise just doesnt want to get off their fat asses and train people to run new software. they are lazy and profit hungry. truth be told they could subsidize the transition arguing cost savings but far be it from them to innovate or think differently. parallels is a great alternative for lazy bastards so buy it you total wastes of workspace. truth be told americans are not interested in innovation they are interested in american idol. so slave on you bitches.

  4. I don’t personally do anything with Windows, I do highend location recording using Protools on a Mac, but virtually every one of my customers does their editing on PCs (said but true). This normally results in an additional 3rd party studio charge to move the files to a PC hard disk.

    My shop has been Microslop free for almost 4 years but we may give Parallels a try as a way to streamline and reduce cost for our PC based customers (who represent over 95% of our customer base).

    I would much rather add another Mac Pro to our machine roster than some HP or Dell piece of shite.

    Now, if DigiDesign would only hurry up and improve MacPro support of ProTools.

  5. What was that software that was posted here over a month ago that would allow you to run Windows apps on the Mac Operating system?

    You were able to run windows apps on the MAC OS without the installation of Windows XP.

  6. OK in response to the assjacket ?what?:

    There are some programs that people NEED (not want) to use at home or work that DO NOT have Mac versions. For example my work uses 2 clients from SAP for placing orders and checking client status. There is NO option for using a Mac period. Yet I have seen at least 4 salesmen come in with shiny new macbooks, WHY? Because they can run Bootcamp or Paralells, otherwise they would be carrying Dells or Lenovos.

    I have converted 2 family members, my wife, and 2 friends to the Mac. The thing that pushed them over the fence. The ability to run Windows for the things they NEED to (like grading software that is mandated by the school system that is Windows only) and use a Mac for EVERYTHING else. Some needed the security blanket of going back to WIndows if they wanted. They haven’t, but it is was the thing they NEEDED to get them to buy.

    Regardless of what the Zealots and Fanboys who bemoan the dumbing down of the sacred Macintosh with Intel processors,Bootcamp and Parallels. The fact is that they are helping to bring more people to the platform. I use a Mac because I believe it is the best operating system and I am tickled to DEATH when a long time Windows user starts using a Mac and FALLS IN LOVE with it. Why, because it means one more person loves their computer instead of hating it. It means one more person is working WITH their computer instead of working on it.

    The Fanboys and Apple Zealots are the worst thing for truly educating anyone. They are put out because their wittle sandbox is getting too crowded. They think being Mac users makes them unique or special. It doesn’t it just makes them lucky enough to have experienced the platform (some don’t get the chance) and smart enough to recognize how good it is.

    So here is the long and the short of it, if you don’t want to use Parallels or Bootcamp then don’t. It’s that simple. But that is where you stop. Because the rest of it is bluster and bullshit.

    MDN: Thinking (ironic)

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