USA Today reviews new Apple iPod nanos, updated iPods, iTunes 7 (each earns 4 stars out of 4)

“The best of breed portable media players and jukebox software have gotten better. I reached that conclusion after testing a new iPod, iPod Nano and iTunes 7 software, all launched last week in San Francisco. Along the way, Apple continues to distance itself from rivals with a host of relatively small but pleasing improvements,” Edward C. Baig reports for USA Today.

Baig covers new features of iTunes 7, including:
• Navigation
• Gapless playback
• Synchronization
• Video games

Baig also takes a look at the new iPod nano and the updated 5G iPod in the full article here.

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  1. I am most concerned about the large number of Mac users that now seem obsessed with Zune, often comparing it to the iPod or just merely putting it down. They are giving the Zune more webspace than Microsoft could ever have imagined… and all for free.

    If you mention how hideous something is, you KNOW you’ll generate a crowd that will want to investigate it for themselves.

    Do you really think you can make your own feeble life appear better by supporting a strong product? Make something impressive or merely produce a unique thought and I would be impressed, but to stand and be proud that you have the ability to point out the obvious is pathetic and lazy.

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