How Microsoft’s Zune can kill Apple’s iPod

Apple’s new iPod Nano resembles “a shrunken version of the beloved [iPod mini], which was once my favorite iPod; it had rounded metal edges that made it a delight to hold. You rolled it around in your hand like Captain Queeg’s steel spheres. So to speak. It also has the old Mini colors. The iPod haters insist that the appeal is shallow — you’re just paying money for fancy colors! Well, welcome to America, Karl Marx Jr. Here’s something to annoy you even more: I got a new Nano because it matched the color of my car. Deal with it,” James Lileks writes for The Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Lileks writes, “There’s also a pink version to match the popular pink RAZR, because Apple is not stupid. Pink moves the merch. Microsoft, however, is ready to strike back. Pictures of the new Zune Mp3 player have been released. There’s a white model and a black model, just like the iPod, but the Zune has a third color to complete with the Nano’s bright metallic hues.”

“Brown,” Lileks writes. “They say the Zune’s an iPod killer. It’s all clear now: It’s going to bore it to death.”

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  1. Since the Zune is only music at this point (save for your own homegrown or web-based video content), it is a music device – but so is the nano.

    Apple is positioning the nano against the Zune, and for pure music, the nano will win hands down.

    The iPod video is if one really wants music and movies or TV, etc… The Zune? Not a player in this market, but sure is bulky and large enough, but isn’t ready for this, so get an iPod video.

    This is Apple’s goal – pit the nano vs. the Zune, and let the iPod video stand alone.

    Should work just fine.

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