ViewSonic debuts first display line with integrated iPod dock

ViewSonic Corp., at the 2006 Apple Expo in Paris, showcased the world’s first “Made for iPod” desktop display technology with an integrated iPod dock. The ViewDock displays will literally modernize the desktop by enabling users to enhance their digital lifestyles through iPod viewing experiences that are more than 65 times larger than their iPod screens.

ViewSonic’s evolution of the desktop monitor category supports growing trends in digital entertainment and the booming iPod accessory market. The ViewDock Series expands media player possibilities by integrating an iPod docking station into a widescreen display. Additional features such as multiple connectivity options—including several USB 2.0 ports and an 8-in-1 card reader—along with a microphone, integrated stereo speakers and a subwoofer, complete the unit.

According to ViewSonic, the ViewDock “not only offers millions of users a new dimension in expanded audio and video entertainment, but the opportunity to clean up and simplify their digital desktop as well. The displays feature excellent front-of-screen performance, including ultra-fast response times, high brightness and contrast ratios, as well as wide viewing angles for getting the most out of fast action games, and downloaded video content and full-length movies.”

“The ViewSonic ViewDock concept offers a unique opportunity for everyone, from teens and young adults to business professionals, to get the most from their digital devices,” said Jeff Volpe , vice president of marketing, ViewSonic Americas, in the press release. “Merging ViewSonic’s established front-of-screen performance with the iPod culture will drive new standards in desktop entertainment and ignite the next evolution in digital viewing capabilities.”

Availability of the ViewSonic ViewDock displays is expected later in the year at select resellers, retailers and etailers. Pricing is not yet available.


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  2. Microsoft today announced it will produce a dock for Zune. The new ‘ZuneStand®’ will be compatible with TV’s compatible with the new NTFC/PAM format developed by Microsoft.

    PlaysForSure devices may work with the new ZuneStand® if you hit them in a certain place. More details, prices, blueprints and sketches to follow in 8-12 months time.

  3. I don’t get it… why is this any better than just playing the video out of iTunes to any other display? I suppose the only advantage is that I can play my iPod video/etc on a computer that doesn’t have my iTunes installed. Hmmmm….

    What am I missing here…

  4. Can we expect Apple to ’emulate’ this feature in the next round of iMacs? If only as an optional stand?

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  5. Juz, this is better because it removes one cable and one bit of “stuff” from my too-crowded, too-messy desktop. Oh, and (in theory) it makes playing movies and such from your iPod considerably easier – IF that is something you do more than occasionally.

  6. That’s cool! Why can’t apple innovate like this? Because Apple only gives people just enough to keep them interested.

    If the people want an integrated dock in a Mac Mini Apple will release it just as people are getting sick of the Mac Mini.

  7. Now that’s a third party concept at it’s best. This would be great monitor to get with a Mac mini. This way you can sync up the iPod and have a permanent dock that will stay put. Also, it cuts down on wire clutter. Bringing the ports to the front is nice too. They should do one in aluminum.

  8. iPod docks should be standard on all audio and video playback equipment.

    Including TV’s, computers and monitors.


    You want to take over the world… do it.

    (iPods Ubiquitous. Invasion of the Body Snatchers anyone?)

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