Pirillo: Windows Vista RC1 disappointing, schizophrenic, disordered, inconsistent, and sad

“The last thing I wanted to do upon returning from Alaska was rip Windows Vista ‘Ultimate’ a new one. I also don’t want to go through my list of Vista UI nitpicks, as several of them still have not been addressed – and likely never will be. Even after installing RC1, I find myself feeling… disappointed and dejected,” Chris Pirillo blogs.

MacDailyNews Note: Chris Pirillo is the founder of Lockergnome. He spent two years hosting the TechTV (now known as G4) television program Call for Help before parting ways from the company. He also hosted the first annual Call-for-Help-a-Thon on TechTV.

Pirillo writes, “Sadly, the first release candidate for Windows Vista feels more like an alpha to me (or early beta, at best). I’m not talking about performance issues, which will most likely be improved upon before this OS goes gold. No, it’s all about a cohesive user experience / user interface for me. Vista fails on most UI fronts. It doesn’t look or behave similarly across any part of the operating system. Even more sad? That’s by design, folks.”

“Vista is schizophrenic, and that disorder has been further enabled by the range of vigilante software development teams who are providing code to the core without cross-checking with other teams for UI consistency,” Pirillo writes. “If OS X had a decent desktop PIM, I think Vista would push me to switch.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “AWidgetIHaveNot” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Chris, you’re not switching because of a PIM?! Two words: Stockholm Syndrome.

And, for Jobs sake, will someone please tell us which version of Microsoft Windows wasn’t “disappointing, schizophrenic, disordered, inconsistent, and sad?” Even Paul Thurrott, Windows fanboy extraordinaire, who’s lately been desperately looking for a way, any way, to get his “SuperSite for Windows” visitors excited about this lump of manure about to be excreted by Microsoft describes Windows Vista RC1 user interface examples as “stupid, stupid, stupid” and asks his patchers, “Does Microsoft want Apple to make it look silly again?”

Why the disappointment exactly? If you keep waiting for Microsoft to finally copy the Mac even remotely successfully, you’ll never, ever Get a Mac.

Macintosh. Because life’s too short.

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  1. First: I anticipate additional integration in Leopard that will bring iCal, Address Book and Mail closer to what he’s looking for as a PIM.

    Second: he wasn’t disappointed by the earlier Betas … they were just Betas! But, this is a Release Candidate. THIS should have all the major screw-ups cleared away. You look at the Betas and notice that it doesn’t look ‘unified’ so someone who GAF picks one look/style and tells everybody to toe the line. It may well be too late to fix it now, it wasn’t earlier. Apparently anybody with any clout is in DILLIGAF mode – and/or is clueless regarding GUI design. Most likely ‘and’.

  2. IF after all Apple has done to try to remove barriers for Windows users to switch, these people insist on being stubborn, then they deserve this stinkin pile of manure they are about to get served.

    Suck it Stockholm Syndrome boys.

    MW ‘truth’

  3. That’s news to me. Most people who’ve used RC1 is pretty impressed by it – myself included. It’s certainly no Release Candidate, IMO, but it’s good. (One reviewer even said now they are starting to see the OS’s potential.) It seems you all went straight for the handful of bad reviews instead of mentioning the many good ones.

  4. I guess, since I only have to manage myself, with no inter-office/business scheduling, iCal and Mail work just fine for me. It’s kind of hard to understand everyone else’s reliance and obsession with PIMs. But that’s just me. Prior to OS X Apple didn’t do anything at all, but they seem to be making both programs incrementally better, each release. Perhaps one day they will equal Entourage in the respects that people expect and want; at least I hope they will. I may not need it, but apparently others do, and it would be a shame for that to be the reason they don’t switch.

  5. UK Jim, yes, Entourage connects to Exchange. Does pretty well, though the lack of complete functional integration [Outlook polling, true Microsoft Project capability] leads one to Parallels [in my case] or Boot Camp on occasion.

    Entourage is not bad, though I still prefer Mail for my personal mail and Entourage still suffers from occasional db integrity problems when its db gets large.

  6. If I bought 10,000 shares of Apple today at $71.20, I’m spending $710,200. How many people do YOU know that can just pony up that kind of coin?

    Millions of Nigerians. Do what they do, and send emails to people so stupid they don’t know that Apple makes the iPod. You’ll be rich beyond the dreams of avarice.

  7. john – Chris it’s time to switch, PIM or no PIM. OSX is simply a better operating system and you have already admitted that.

    Actually Chris has been covering the Mac since before OSX was a public beta. He bought a Mac laptop 5 or 6 years ago and used it in his Lockergnome articles. Lockergnome even runs (ran) a Mac newsletter and forums. The one thing he hasn’t done is drink the Kool aid, he still looks at both platforms objectively.

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